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Credit Card Miles


After miles for airline flights, the next-most-important source of miles for most frequent flyers is the credit card. And for good reason. Cards with a mileage-earning component give users a way to “double dip” (earn miles both for the flight, the hotel or the car rental, AND for the dollar value of the charged purchase), as well as earn miles for credit card purchases which would not otherwise fall under the mileage umbrella.

While there are many cards which feature miles- or points-for-purchases, the choice facing consumers boils down to cards in the following categories:

  • Airline- and Hotel-Affiliated Credit Cards
  • Charge Cards (e.g. AmEx/Diners)
  • Bank-Issued Credit Cards with a Travel Awards Program
  • Debit Cards

We are often asked: “What is the best card for earning miles?” If there were an easy answer to that question, there would not be as many card choices as there are. The real question is: “What is the best card for ME, given MY travel, charging and balance-payment patterns?” We can’t answer that question for you. But we hope the following pages can help you answer the question for yourself.