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About the Programs

Frequent flyer programs date back to 1981, when American Airlines launched AAdvantage. Since then, the programs have proliferated like rabbits. More than 80 million people participate, making frequent flyer programs the most pervasive and successful marketing programs ever developed. And in the process, the frequent flyer mile has attained the status of a universal currency.

  • Program Profiles
    These are summaries of the largest airline, hotel and credit card programs, including contact information and earning and awards partners.
  • Links to the Programs
    For the long version, go directly to the program operators’ websites. We make it easy by providing you with a extensive listing of links to the major sites.
  • History of Frequent Flyer Programs
    This is the most comprehensive history of the programs available anywhere on the Internet.
  • Frequent Flyer Marketing
    For those who are interested in the marketing thinking which underlies frequent flyer programs, here’s an online primer.