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News & Analysis

FrequentFlier Crier

The FrequentFlier Crier is this site’s weekly e-mail newsletter. The focus is on breaking news–particularly new limited-time promotions–with a liberal sprinkling of general travel industry coverage.

In addition to being e-mailed to subscribers, each issue is posted here, usually within hours of publication.

(For those with an historical bent, our archives are complete, going back to the very first issue in 1998.) More

FrequentFlier Features

FrequentFlier Features are monthly full-length stories on mileage-related topics. Rather than the assorted newsbites addressed by the newsletter, these are longer, more focused pieces on single topics. More

Sweepstakes & Freebies

Frequent flyer program participants know that the best way to travel is for free. And someone has to win those sweepstakes travel suppliers are so fond of dangling in the marketplace. So we’ve compiled a list of current offerings which can be entered easily and with no purchase requirement.

(Unlike a contest, a sweepstakes by definition culminates in a random drawing. So the entry requirements are generally minimal.) More

FrequentFlier Polls

Because there’s no central repository of frequent flyer program data, input from the traveling public is the best available barometer of the state of the mileage universe. Got feedback? More