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Win 2 Tickets to Anywhere Etihad Airways Flies

Win 2 Tickets to Anywhere Etihad Airways Flies

Enter Etihad Airways’ "Etihad Guest" sweepstakes by March 30 for a chance to win the grand prize: two coach tickets to anywhere Etihad flies, "whether it’s to the Maldives, Shanghai, or Sydney — the choice is completely yours!"

To participate, first enroll in the airline’s loyalty program, Etihad Guest, if you’re not already a member. Then type your membership number in the giveaway entry form and press "Submit." Done!

This sweepstakes is refreshingly free of niggling restrictions. On the landing page, there is only this: "Prize tickets are valid for travel on Etihad operated flights only and travel to be completed by 30 September 2012."

Time required to enter: 15 seconds if you’re already a member of Etihad Guest; if not, around a minute.

Not familiar with Etihad?

By the standards of the world’s commercial airlines, Etihad is a youngster, in operation only since November 2003.

Since then, however, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier has scaled up to more than 1,000 flights a week, flying to 84 destinations in 52 countries. By its own accounting, that makes it the world’s fastest-growing airline. Which sounds about right.

Somebody has to win, right? Might as well be you.

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  • JJ

    A lot of good this does if the IT systems of this company are braindead. It’s broken. Won’t let me join their FF program.

  • todd

    Keeps saying can’t connect to remote server. So much for an elite airline!

  • lfreem

    I get the same error after trying to enroll: “Unable to connect to the remote server.” Although, I wonder if they just harvested my information?