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Who’s in Favor of a US Airways-American Merger?

Who’s in Favor of a US Airways-American Merger?

Extending his full-court press to convince all and sundry that a US Airways-American merger is the best-case outcome for bankrupt American, US Airways CEO Doug Parker used his time at Wednesday’s National Press Club meeting in Washington to further reassure the converted and convert the naysayers. (The full text of his speech is here.)

Predictably, Parker would have us believe that the merger would be best for all concerned and that all stakeholder groups are in the same boat, paddling in the same direction:

[T]here are real advantages to combining airlines for employees, customers and communities. Employees will benefit from greater job security and more long-term opportunities if they’re working for a successful airline. Customers will gain more flight options at better times to more places. And whenever two airlines combine, they open the communities that they serve to many more new travelers.

Parker did allow for one exception to his claim of universal support. In his post-speech remarks, he was quoted by The Street as follows: "I find it noteworthy that the only opposition that seems to exist to this merger is (from) the senior management of American Airlines."

While it’s probably true that American top management opposes the merger for reasons of financial self-interest, as Parker implies, his other claims are debatable at best. But most debatable of all, if not downright preposterous, is his insinuation that the traveling public is pro tie-up.

I have yet to hear from a single traveler who favors a US Airways-American merger. I haven’t conducted a scientifically rigorous poll on the matter, and don’t have the resources to do so. But I would be very surprised if even one in 10 flyers felt their interests would be furthered by this marriage.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ve been hearing from a select group that’s not representative of the majority.

US Airways + American – Yay or Nay?

It’ll still be more anecdotal than statistically unassailable, but please reality-check Mr. Parker’s claim (and my sense to the contrary) that travelers support US Airways’ bid to merge with American.

Do you? Why or why not?

Please use the reader comments box below to weigh in with your thoughts.

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  • Maureen

    No, not in favor of US-AA merger! Can’t believe any AA customer or employee would be!Just because they bought a relatively small amount of AA’s debt, doesn’t mean they could successfully run both airlines! In fact the thought of Doug Parker at the helm of AA would have me flying back into UA’s arms again!

  • HansGolden

    I’m an AA ExP and I’m in favor of the merger.

  • Sandy

    I’m million mile lifetime Gold. What little status I currently have will be lost.
    Vote no! USAir will bring down AA.

  • Bob Dandridge

    I’m a US Air frequent flyer and I am not in favor of the merger. See no benefit for me.


    After working for 30 years in the travel industry, I’ve never seen an airline merger that was of benefit to the passengers.

  • C M Baker

    Only if AA takes over US. I’ve never had a good experience with US, though I’ve been a member of both its and America West’s FF programs. America West was a good airline before the merger, but US has always been difficult to deal with.

  • EC

    Definately in favor of a merger. I have Platinum with USAir, so that helps my personal situation. Both operations are so marginal at this point, it only makes sense to combine. I see it as a true made for industry marriage. US Air has made money for the last two years. That is something. AA had both an operating loss as well as losing $2 billion last year. The previous five years are no better. Senior management at AA is truely terrible. They have NEGATIVE equity of $7 billion. Someone else clearly needs to lead. I am not sure you could fail worse at managing AA if you actually tried.

  • Sal

    Only if AA takes over US like one of the other commenters mentioned. My recent experience with US has been crummy, dirty, and overall dissatisfying versus AA which has been overall average to a little above.


    In light of the consoliations that have already taken place in the industry any additional mergers will severly hurt the travelling passenger. All the additional ancillary fees and fare increases only get worse when you have few airlines. US Air was named the 8th highest in ancillary revenue for the past year. Cities like Charlotte NC will be severly hurt in terms of the merged carrier but the economic effect on the city itself.

  • Pete

    Seems the end result would be less competition and higher fares, and further dilution of AAdvantages few elite perks assuming US is the surviving entity

  • CEM

    I am NOT AT ALL in favor of the merger. I am an Exec Plat member of AA and have been for years. Most of my travel, however, is out of the country into Asia Pacific regions. American needs desperately to improve their service and to improve the attitude of its flight attendants, but they are still overall head and shoulders above US Airways! I think a merger would only dilute what few benefits we, as frequent travelers, have at this point.

  • MD

    My husband and I have over 5 million lifetime AA miles…we are strongly opposed to the merger.

  • MORT

    Do I want the merger? Well, I would only fly with USAirways if I were terribly in need of medical care and could not find any other flight. There might be one or two other reasons I would fly USAir but I can’t seem to think of any now.

    How good is A/A? Better than USAir. Who else is better than USAirways? EVERY OTHER CARRIER!

  • John

    As an AA EXP I don’t see anything good about this potential merger. I find it hard to believe that American under USAir would anywhere near as good an airline.

  • Kevin

    Absolutely not, but if it comes to that we can only hope they take lessons learned from the UA/CO debacle.


    NOT in favor of a merger!

  • MORT


  • Nichole Rowland

    I am a US gold member but I fly AA or BA internationally. I am in favor of a merger because combining my flights will give me a higher status and more international options from my primary airline. However, I do worth about losing united and the staralliance network if the merged airline leaves staralliance.

  • disgusted2

    THe only reason AA is underperforming other airlines is because greedy unions demanded to continue their exorbitant wages and benefits refusing to conceed the same cuts that the other airlines imposed through bankruptcy making AA the highest cost airline. Now AA is in position to impose the same cuts and become competitive again and US air wants to get rid of the competition before AA can do that. Not in favor of merger!

  • BIll

    No, strongly opposed to US Air/ American merger. I live in Phx (US Air Hub) and am lifetime Platinum on American Airlines. Arguably, the merger would make sense in my case. Problem is, US Air is, even after its several bankruptcies, continues to offer poor customer service and very, very high prices, not counting the fees for everything. American, while it has lost some of its shine, still does an admirable job, under the circumstances, and fights hard to keep pricing reasonable and continues to provide great customer service. We need to keep American intact. That senario will be better for all of us.

  • Scott

    This merger would be a BAD idea! To begin with, America West and US Air were never truly merged. I know several employees at the so called surviving carrier, (USAIR), and they tell me that the airline still runs their flight crews sparately. Cabin attendants, for example, fly only Am West routes if they were their employess before the merger and USAir the same. Any savvy traveler can pick up on this if they fly with the “New” USAir often enough.

    If that is not enough, USAir is very difficult to deal with as another commentor has said. Their best answer to most problems is no when problems arise.

    There planes are often dirty and shabby looking in the cabins and most employees sdeem to be unhappy.

    Lastly, their overall stats for service are pretty dismal.

    Most mergers today benefit only the corporate Fat Cats no matter what the indusry. An AA-USAir merge woul only make air trave worse for the consumer. I vote a resounding NO!

  • Mary-Lynne Fisher

    We should all learn from the horrors of the United/Continental merger and oppose yet another merger of major airlines. I’m Platinum on AA and recently had a wonderful experience on BA, a OneWorld partner. I cringe at the thought of my ffm being devalued by any merger, let alone one in which US Airways would be the dominant partner. But I disagree with the comment about AA’s greedy unions. AA stayed out of bankruptcy when other major carriers rushed there. It was a principaled decision that backfired.

  • CL Wirshborn

    NO! I’ve flown US Airways- horrible. I’m loyal AAdvantage flyer-yes there are bumps & planes need to be replaced (there is an order in progress) but crew has always been professional & helpful -even 30+ yrs ago when traveling with a infant.Recent flights JFK-FCO & JFK to BCN were on time and smooth. The merger will only help US Airways. If it goes through I will seriously consider investigating another airline if they would accept my mileage

  • DAB

    we are loyal AA frequent flyers for 30 years. Still the best service around. US AIR is the worst, especially their flight crew who are the unhappiest people in the air!!

  • Rob

    I flown US Airways a few times in the past and have never had a great experience. I am a AA Gold member based out of Chicago, and if this merger goes through I will absolutely switch my loyalty to United.

  • Merlyn

    NO. When it comes to wanting to travel with frequent flyer miles, we have found that US Air wants at least twice as many miles as AA. I still have miles in my account with US Air from a 1994 European trip, which I have not used because AA lets me travel with so much fewer miles required. We live in the St. Louis area. When AA bought TWA they did not expand available flights, but cancelled most of them. Now even to travel to Kansas City, MO with AA, we have to connect through Chicago or Dallas. We have had to move most of our business to Southwest as a result.

  • Monty

    What merger ever results in improved service? We lost a great airline when Continental merged into United, which should have been allowed to fail. American Airlines should do what it can to stand alone.

  • Cathy

    Two million miles for both husband and myself on AA. Have only flown US when AA couldn’t get us to our destination but the experience was pathetic. Maybe I’ve just become spoiled with my AA elite perks and I fear they will go away with a merger. No merger. No thank you. If one happens, the next year’s worth of comments on this will all be about how horrible the airline is now that it merged (i.e. United/Continental)

  • Mike

    I book away from USAir whenever possible. An AA-US merger will alter my travel and business strategies, in particular to steer my business out of Dallas.

  • Stephen Price

    NO, NO NO!!!! I’ve usually had very good luck with American, and horrible experiences with U. S. Airways.

  • Dick

    NO MERGER. US Airways has a well deserved reputation of being a lousy airline.

    Good luck American

  • Peter

    Despite long-simmering labor issues, AA has been steady and reliable. Post Chap 11, with a new balance sheet, it should be able to afford the new fleet that it has on order. I’d prefer a trip to the dentist than a flight on US (though because of my experience and attitude) I haven’t been on US in quite awhile. There’s a chance AA could become great again. Much less likely with US. Face it, most airline mergers don’t turn out well.

  • Rob Rudolph

    I’m Executive Platinum on AA, nothing on US. I favor the merger. I agree with most comments about AA being a better airline the US, but I think those comments miss the point. AA – and other airlines – entered bankruptcy for a reason. Their business model is broken. They need to change. You can argue all you want that UA-CO or DL-NW were not good for consumers or frequent flyers. I personally really miss the old CO – as I think they had the best service in the air. I also miss TW (hey – they really weren’t that bad), Ozark & Piedmont. But they’re gone and not coming back. At one time, AA was the country’s largest airline. The mergers have knocked them back. For hub & spoke carriers, size matters. US is that last potential hub & spoke partner standing. AA needs that scale to again be competitive with the bulked up UA & DL. While I wish AA were taking over US, the fact is AA is bankrupt and US is not. AA is not going to survive solely by taking on the unions and cutting wages. They also need to build scale if they wish to avoid another trip to the bankruptcy court. I read an interesting interview with Mr. Bob Crandall, the former AA CEO when AA was still a force to be reckoned with. A comment he made stuck with me. While Mr. Crandall loved being an airline manager, even he said history had shown airlines were generally a lousy investment for their stockholders. The business needs to change. Unless we want to go back to the days of more government regulation, the free market is going to push carriers to gain scale. This merger needs to happen.

  • Pat Moloney-Harmon

    Absolutely not. I have never had a good experience with US Air; yet have had great experiences with AA. A merger would bring AA down to US Air’s level which is not good. I am totally opposed to an US Air AA merger.

  • Keith

    I am an American million mile flyer and will switch to United if this merger occurs. My experience with US Air has been similar to what Sal said “crummy, dirty, and overall dissatisfying.”

  • NateinSTL

    I flew only AA for several years, not one flight this year and only a couple last year because they were the best choice to get me to AUS. My EXP status was essential a waste, because the only way to use any of the perks is to fly their metal and not on the one world partners. I used one SWU and had to let the rest expire. They’ve pulled out of STL essentially after cannabalizing TWA. I don’t care for US Air, but I’d like to see more flight choices out of STL -right now I’m sticking with Delta because the prices are about half AA and Diamond status makes for nice treatment and good perks.

  • PS

    US Airways was the worst airline I ever flew, and from what I hear from employees, the worst airline to work at – even if it isn’t bankrupt.
    The airline needs a total rehaul from the inside out. I am a Million miler on AA and would accept the merger only if there is a real plan to address the poor quality of service at US Air immediately. It would be a shame to harness an airline recently freed from union ills with one that has major enthusiasm and management issues without fully addressing these problems.

  • michael

    I do not fly as often as I once did but feel I can post a solid NO for any proposed USAir-American merger. It seems clear the new company would simply become a larger USAir. With that assumption, the result becomes a much less useful choice. I’ve made my choice; I simply do not fly USAIR. Been stuck in Charlotte one too many times. If this happens, I just hope Deltas or someone else picks up some of the southern routes out of Miami.

  • Romadaro

    I’m all FOR it and hope it happens and I’m Executive Platinum on American and have been Chairman’s on US for 10+ years running. Being a frequent traveler of both airlines, the service on US TODAY is far better than on American. Yes, US has had its’ dog days but they are behind them. The service on American is pathetic right now and book away from American whenever I can. American and its’ employees need US right now or AA will be the next TWA.

  • S J

    US Air is the worst major US airline. I avoid them whenever possible. No one want a merger between US and AA.

  • William Beeman

    I agree with other commentators that U.S. Air is a completely horrible airline. I try as hard as possible not to fly with them. Frequently their only advantage is lower prices. Examining their route structure, I see little advantage for passengers in the merger. There is a lot of overlap. It would, in fact, significantly reduce competition on most routes. A few American international routes would enhance U.S. Air’s route structure, but reduce overall opportunities for international travel.

  • Blake Emerson

    No to the aa & usair. They haven’t finished their last merger.

  • Kay

    NO NO NO to the merger. I live in Phoenix and try to avoid US Air whenever I can. AA has always treated me well, although I have to comment on the huge fees when using AA miles.

  • Ed Numrich

    An understated coincidence with references to “business model” being broken when it comes to American. Take off the “n”, and you can sing along with much of our country’s vanished manufacturing base.

    There’s a message there as those who fly international carriers can attest.

    The truth is our domestic carriers have been a revolving door. Beginning with the late 1950s, anything but Northwest; then all loyalty crashed with UAL in the mid-80s when among management and employees, customers came in third; Delta misfired when the bean-counter took over in the late 1990s; Gordon Bethune’s heroic efforts to rebuild Continental became shark food for United, “and now this” that would put American in the hands of an airline that was a product of several failed regionals. Not good.

    On the other hand, few appear to be looking at the steady ascendancy of Virgin America. Competition between it, Jet Blue, and Southwest should be healthy ~ and sufficient enough for us old fogeys who fly mostly at leisure.

    Meanwhile, put down “NO!” to linking AA and USAir.

  • Kevin

    This really isn’t a merger. That’s marketing speak to make a takeover more palatable. It sounds nice in the media. AA doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room and when the dust settles, the spoils will go to the victor, US Airways. Unless AA can raise funds (likely impossible) and restructure, they don’t have much choice other than folding up their wings or to be absorbed by US Airway. Good luck to both of them.

  • gwott3

    As another million miler on AA, I would not at all be in favor of the merger. I have had very bad experiences with US. I do not believe it is in the best interests of travelers. And I would have to say that his comments really should reflect that it would most likely financially benefit himself to have the merger pushed through.

  • M. Smith

    Add my voice to the opposition. Residing in Charlotte has limited options, but I avoid US Airways whenever possible (it almost always is). I agree that the in-flight service and product is better than it used to be, but the ground support, customer service, inability to handle operational interruptions (which one would think they would be good at with the amount of practice they get), and general courtesy is severely lacking. Add to that their continuing labor issues and the fact that flight crews are still not combined many years after the America West acquisition and I believe that US is incapable of handling the larger airline they would become.

  • PML

    My vote is NO. Putting 2 struggling airlines together will not make a good one. US Air is hosed up worst than AA. Best for AA is via this bankruptcy is to revamp it’s killing labor issues. 2 negatives in this case will not make a positive. I avoid US Air like the plague.

  • NNS

    NO! I had top tier on Continental for many years and have been Ex Plat on AA for the past 3, million + miler. Every experience I have had with US Airways/America West over the past years has been BAD. AA should stand on its own. Had actually hoped Continental and AA would merge before Continental merged with United, ending my flying on them.

  • J G

    Definitely no for a merger with US Air !!!!

  • Stephan B. Gleich

    Q. What do you get when you merge two awful airlines?
    A. An awful airline Monopoly.

    AmericaWest – Where are you?

  • Mary

    Add my no vote to the list!!

  • YM

    My family has over a million miles with American and 600K with US Airways and have been flying both airlines for a long period of time.
    US Airways is much worse in both, customer service and ease and useability of the miles.
    Merger and going to US Airways way of doing the business would be a major step backward.
    We will do our best to use up our AA miles before they convert over to US Airways.

  • Bert Bogash

    I am Platinum on American and I am hopeful that there will never be a merger with US Air.

  • D. Keen

    NO! Keep American separate! Not happy with US Air. Love American.

  • Chris

    Interesting comments. I gave up flying AA three years ago for Continental. Too many business trips I was either late arriving, or if I was on time, had no luggage on AA(Due to type of job, always have to check a bag). Was very happy with CO, and so much easier to use out of Dallas.

    With the CO/UAL merger, I still have used United, but their service is worse, only to AA.
    Lately, I have been giving US Airways a try, after avoiding for years. Last week was my 36th flight on them, another this Sunday. Service has been great, always get an upgrade, and only one delay (weather) and always have my luggage. They’ve made a lot of changes and progress since back in the day with that holiday travel mess.

    I’d hate to see USAir lose it’s new attitude and service levels with the horrible AA/TWA employees dragging them down. AA folks are flat out rude and don’t care about anyone.

  • Carol June Wallen

    NO, NO, No merger. I have been with American since 1995 when they took over Pan Am’s routes in the Caribbean and have flown them everywhere plus used miles to fly to Jordan. I am flying them to Hong Kong in February and don’t want to even think of them merging with US Air who I will NEVER fly.

  • George

    As a Carolinas resident, I’m pulling for the merger as it will open many new connections from Charlotte.

  • Tom Thurston

    Just as America West bought out poorly-run US Air, becoming the newer US Airways, they will buy out American but become a newer American Airlines. Scale is needed to remain competitive. AA-TWA needs a partner now to survive. The merger should be looked at through business eyes and not those of the mileage program elites. In fact, chances are you will undoubtedly end up with more mileage destinations, with fewer requirements and less restrictions on a new merged American(US Airways). I am often as opposed to change as the next guy, but be realistic – the chances of AA surviving without this merger aren’t good.

  • Jay

    Very bad idea. USAirways is horrible for service or experience. I have choice living in a hub city and would like ditch AA if they combined and go with United (or just give up on flying).

  • Howard

    I am not in favor of the merger. Aside from being lifetime platinum with AA, with all of the consolidation in the industry, there will not be enough competition left in the national/international airlines to stimulate customer service enhancements.

  • George

    I’m opposed to a merger with US Airways, we the customers of American will end up paying higher fares, so who is going to benefit? US Airways and American Airlines unions!

  • Ann Clarke

    NOOOOO. I’m a leisure traveler but still have lots of miles that I would use up rather than fly with US Air. Being in Baltimore DC area, I have lots of other options.

  • Pat

    No. I always avoid flying US Air.

  • Matt

    Oh, he** NO. I will walk before flying with US Air again. The non-customer service with US Air is famous. NOT AGAIN.

  • Garth Lax

    No, No, No.

    I’ve flown USAir, and it’s a perfectly good airline, but attempts to redeem frequent flyer miles are exercises in frustration if not futility. I have no interest in combining AA and USAir FF miles when the only result would be to increase my blood pressure beyond sustainable levels.

    In addition, why would anyone be interested in reducing airline competition, such as it is?
    If AA can reduce its costs and emerge from bankruptcy a stronger competitor, that sounds good to me.

  • Helen

    No No No…AA is better off going thru bankruptcy.

  • Bill

    I’m against the merger, but what the public wants in immaterial. The unions want it, the AA execs will be bought off, and savvy political donations will ensure a favorable anti-trust ruling. As for me, I’ll start burning my 660k AA as soon as the takeover is announced.

  • Bill

    NO NO NO! USAir is the worst! They make United seem friendly! Living near Chicago, I have plenty of other options – even walking would be better.

  • Martha Mantel

    I sure don’t want them to merge. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about trying to use United’s frequent flyer miles. American isn’t as easy as it used to be, but better than United.

  • david n

    american is the most affordable of the major carriers, i’d prefer they merge with a discount airline like southwest which has no overseas routes at this time.

  • CEM

    While there could be one appreciable benefit, which is getting AA to *FINALLY* sunset some of those ancient TWA planes that it’s still flying (since US Airways can replace AA in some markets and AA can redeploy newer planes to replace older ones flying in slower markets), I agree with the previous poster. AA needs to get its own act together before it pulls in another airline that is in equal need of overhaul. There’s not one good quality that I can think of about either airline right now that is strong enough to pull the other out it its current rut. Maybe this will make sense in the future…but AA seems to have enough trouble managing its own responsibilities today.

  • Hank

    There is rarely a kind comment for US Airways and AA is the last remnant of domestic carrier with some pride. The United-Continental merger is evidence enough of mismanaged mergers given what happened to a great carrier, Continental Airlines, when it merged with the dysfunctional United. United planes are old, musty relics with uncomfortable business class seats. During a flight a few days ago, passengers booed during the opening Jeff Smisek infomercial about how well the merger is going.

  • Joan

    NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Kennedy


  • GusDusten

    Absolutely NOT! Theincompetents “running” US, led by their President have not yet completed the merger of US into America West. Their operation is the shoddiest there is. The mileage program puts DL to shame (and that takes some doing) AA should end up in charge after any merger (except Hawaiian or Alaska,both of which have competent management–the most unusual thing for an airline!

  • DC

    Let me tell y’all I was a long time America West customer and saw them go through a lot, but the best thing for AA and their employees (who by the way have approved the merger) would be to merge. The US unions are the thing holding up the full integration of US and AW. I cast my vote for the merger. US Airways has come a long ways and are far ahead of most airlines in service and employee attitudes.

  • leo

    NO WAY… Tell Parker to leave American alone.

  • D. Popper

    I am opposed to the merger. AA is my ‘go to’ airline and, if at all possible, that’s the airline I fly.

  • Lynn

    NO NO NO. I like getting my luggage when I arrive at my destination. Again please NO.
    My airline is American.

  • Nick

    I live in Phoenix and I would rather connect on AA through Chicago or Dallas than fly US Air.


    I have use American airline for the last 20 years to fly to the caribbean, very pleased.
    I saw what hasppened to America West when US air took over, not the best for customers. United had sosme great programs like Miles and Money that I used a lot in the us.That merger also reduced the the number of flights per day in many cities.
    Us air leave AA alone

  • gary

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! American should buy/take over merge with an airline like Frontier and perhaps another “regional” player in the south east to increase presence/routes so it can compete with the larger arilines, but the poor service US Airlines in infamous for will not get it where it needs to be!

  • Vera Demchenko

    Hell no!!!!

  • Norris

    NEVER!! Why bring AA to the lowly level of US Air.

  • brad

    America West was barely tolerable. I have flown several airlines from emerging third world countries that are better than USAirways. American is much better than United and maybe close to par with Delta , although , AAdvantage far out performs any other of the bigs FF programs. If AA absorbs USAirways and maintains its service levels I would stick. If USAirways culture grows like a bacteria on AA I too would dump them. I have been explat for ten years. Dumped Delta for bad service but they have improved. I would dump US AMERIcan if they drop in performance.

  • audrey

    Heaven forbid. US Air is the worst of the worst and that includes their “loyally” program which does not allow you to use one way award flights or to use awards to fly into one city and depart from another. If AA gets consumed by US Air, I will have to find another carrier, because I will never be a US Air customer.

  • Don

    Parker has ruined US Airways
    A deeply flawed outdated program with stingy seat availability for award seats
    On a paid revenue first class ticket the disgusting mystery meat was making
    Me hope for ham and Swiss on the next flight
    There is nothing wrong at a much later date in time of taking us airways planes and slots but please leave behind the awful self serving management that is greedy and arrogant that can’t run a fair FF program and deliver a reasonably quality experience on board
    Say what you wish about American but they run a fantastic FF program
    Have many satisfactory bright agents on the phone to assist customers and have excellent customer relations when things go wrong
    And the food frequently is good in premium cabins or buying on board
    Long live American run by American
    The new fleet on AA will be awesome
    Just say no to Us Airways for today
    Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Never please! How dare Mr. Parker assume the public aw ts this. He will ruin American’s program. Please let us find a way for American to continue solely on its own and with the same fair and decent program!

  • Kathy

    Not only no, HELL NO!

  • eddie

    i am all for the merger! I have a ton of USAir miles that i can’t ever find available seats – merging with AA can only hopefully make that better – it certainly can’t be any worse.
    A merger with AA can only make USAir better – they are already the worst.

  • Dave

    NO!!! There is a reason why I have 850,000 miles in my american bank (2 million lifetime) and ZERO on US Air..

  • Tony

    NO NO American at its worst is far beter than USAIR. Lifetime member of both airlines Club Room. Would much rather fly AA,

  • Dee

    NO! NO!
    I agree with Bill; US Scare is terrible. American has real potential. I can’t imagine what I’ll do if that happens. United seems incompetent after their merger, and I have real horror stories from Delta (one of the best/worst: they changed my connection, didn’t inform me and booked it a DAY BEFORE so that I would be traveling 3/17 ATL-LAX and 3/16 (!!) LAX-HNL. And said they could do nothing but give me my money back.) Contract of Carriage? Not on your life.

  • Stephen Sadowsky

    This merger would be a terrible mistake! – USAir is one of the worst airlines around, and it makes American look like one of the best in comparison. This merger will only bring American down to the awful awful level of USAir!

  • S.

    No. I will not bring my loyalty to US Air. They’ve had 15 years to impress me and haven’t done it yet. American earned my business and didn’t let me down when I barely flew them. Now I’m EXP and 2MM, and they consistently do better than other US carriers every time I fly.

    Hang on, AA!

  • vjstokley

    American is the best as far as frequent flier seats and getting a native English speaking individual when you call in. I mean no disrespect but it is often hard to understand some of the nationalities who man the phones for United and other carriers. I have never had trouble with American, as well as their better seat offerings. I hope American can restructure on its own.



  • JPL

    US Airways is the worst of big US Airlines. American will just be made worse by the combination.

  • Jim Piatt

    US Air is the worst carrier. How could anyone think that merging AA with them could be good. AA would be much worse afterward. Also, one less carrier mean less competetion which will be bad for travelers.

  • TR




  • CA

    The merger would be a mistake. I and many people I know will change airlines. We all fly on American; we will not fly on US Airways at all. UA Airways is the worst airline that we have ever been on.

  • Elsie

    Absolutely not in favor of the merger!

  • D. Low

    I have not liked US Airways since day one. I no longer travel very much, but when I do American one was one of my prefered choices, then going down from there.
    This mereger should not happen.

  • Tony

    Based on numerous outrageously bad experiences with USAir (and its predecessor,Agony Airlines)over the years, I am decidely against the merger.

  • billw

    US Air is the absolutely worst airline I’ve ever flown in over 1,500,000 miles of flying. PLEASE NO MERGER!

  • Mary

    I’m a US Airways elite (formerly America West) and all the bad-mouthing of it is off base. I fly 100,000 mi a year, most of it on US Airways metal and — for the most part — the passenger experience is good . . . much better than it was on the old US Airways, before being taken over by America West (which retained the better-known US Airways name).

    Nonetheless, I also oppose the takeover of American. The one bad part of the prior merger is the ongoing labor turmoil between the East (old US Air) and West (old America West). This is bound to get worse if the American merger happens. Plus, fares will inevitably rise, the Alliances will be shaken up (probably not benefiting US Airways flyers) and everything will be destabilized.

    A big NO from me.

  • G McGee, US Chairman 8 yrs running

    Wow. I love US Airways and I am concerned because I cannot imagine having to fly on American Airlines. Perhaps those of you who love American so much have missed the fact that US Airways has been engaged in a constant improvement mode for years, and that American, the silver airline from TWA and PanAm days, still looks EXACTLY the same, provides the same lovely reservations system, and is so poorly organized (and overcharges so much) in its hubs that US Air flyers had better pray that US Air controls prices in Dallas, Chicago and the other American hubs (I forget…after American nuked Nashville and Raleigh Durham, it’s hard to keep track of where they keep those planes). They built that monolith at DFW for international, at, incidentally, the stupidest international hub on Earth, in the worst airport other than their other hub city. US Airways may have to cope with Philadelphia’s reluctance to build a new airport. Charlotte is aging. But seriously…an average hour on the taxiways? Let me know the next time that happens on a US Airways plane in normal weather with no mechanical or traffic stops (never). I hope for the merger, but only because more flights will mean more extraordinarily easy travel. Frankly, I’m not the only Chairman on US with a nearly 100% (if not 100%) upgrade rate (all free) for two-three years running. American flyers? We lost our Chairmans Preferred line — and they were sleazy about it too — but when I get one on the phone, I can go anywhere, do anything, and easily. This silly American “no, no, please not US Airways” stuff is just the whining of the disgruntled few — American is bankrupt for a reason. US Airways has made smart choice after smart choice to keep its frequent flyers. They stopped the 20 minute credit card promotions…but the important thing is that US Airways is not a huge, impersonal, broke Texas behemoth that is showing its true colors as its executives block the merger to get golden parachutes. Yee haw, AA executives. You’ll get your gold bricks at the cost of your own flyers, as they cheer you all the way (for your great management, firing your people and running those cheap silver birds into the nursing home. GO US AIRWAYS. American, you’ll be lucky if this goes through. Otherwise, you’re toast. Blue leather seats from 1975 and all.

  • Isla Los Angeles

    no merger…. we want american as an independent airline…

    the innkeeper at

  • Alan

    In 2004, I flew to Costa Rica first class on Continental and it was among the best flights that I had ever experienced. Unfortunately I had to return in the same first class on US Airways, and, even in that circumstance, I have never had such a bad flying experience. I am now a life-time platinum member on American Airlines, and I am absolutely against the merger of US Airways with American. It seems that Mr. Parker doesn’t understand that the most important people that he needs for the success of his, or any airline, is the flying public. Unless he learns this, any potential merger between the his airline and American could easily fail, if the traditional American Airlines passengers don’t feel this merger is in their best interest, and, as a result, turn their allegiance to another airline group. If the airlines do ultimately merge, hopefully he will put as much energy into satisfying the needs of American’s loyal customers, as he has into trying to placate every other group.

  • IAN


  • Peter

    Absolutely no merger. American was a superior airline back in the 1980s when their AAdvantage Program began. USAirways has a horrible reputation and very difficult to get to use Award Travel.

  • N

    Flew is air today. Never again. They screws everything up and there flight attendants are nazis. Back to United :)

  • Lindsay


  • Bill

    Currently I have no status on either airline, however I have flown both extensivly in the past. US Air has consistently been among the worst carriers in the business. I hope that American can make it on their own as I don’t beleive major carrier mergers serve anyone (except maybe the execs pushing for it).

  • MIke S

    No way. US scare is a disaster. American has problems but for the very frequent flyer, it is still the superior choice to United and Delta.

    the US AIr management is on drugs; it is the reverse, they are the only ones who want a merger.

  • Steve

    Doug Parker wants wants the minnow to swallow the whale and then to run it. American hasn’t been well run for the past decade or so, but it’s still light years better than US Airways. Keep AA as AA.

  • MORT



  • eddie

    Here is one vote YES for the merger!
    of course that is primarily because i have so many USAir miles that I am unable to use – maybe with an AA merger there will be more seats? It can’t get worse – can it?

  • ET

    No way. I live in CLT and have to use US Airways far too often. Over the years they have proven that they have a bad quality product. They have become a no frills airline, cheap quality, perpetually late, senior citizen crews, dated planes, crappy frequent flyer plan and ALWAYS expensive. They’ve been selling credit card services over the intercom on every flight for the past 2 years. Annoying practice and a sign of desperation.

    Based on history, their merger plans have always had short term ideals. They’re still in court with America West over layoffs and employee benefits. The airline has not shown any benefit as a result of the merger. Not to their customers and not to the employees. If anything, they have regressed IMHO. American Airlines while far from perfect, deserves MUCH better than that!

  • Karen Berns

    I too “would be very surprised if even one in 10 flyers felt their interests would be furthered by this marriage.” US AIR is simply dreadful. I go out of my way to avoid US Air flights. Don’t make me avoid all the aircraft and personnel American is still using — they are vastly superior (however much that says, given that the industry has done so much to make flying a nightmare on every carrier).

  • RM Swift

    I am a very frequent flyer and Chairman’s preferred on US Airways. I have stuck with US over the years and been pleased, although I miss the in flight entertainment and power outlets. US is very good to its elite flyers in terms of upgrades and seat preference, but I agree that the non-elites get less service than non-elites on other airlines. There are plusses and minuses of a merger. On the positive side, there would be more flights and routes (especially Asia) and financial stability for the airlines. On the minus side there would be more elites flying fewer routes (upgrades are fewer following the UA CO merger). Also, if a merger occurs, US would probably leave Star Alliance and I would see that as a disadvantage. So, I see the benefits and disadvantages as mixed.

  • Phil

    US Airways has made a 100% turn around in the past few years. The aircrafts are modern and the crews are always very professional.
    Doug Parker is brilliant, and can lead this new world class airline.

  • Esperanza

    I am in favor of tis merger I know Mr. Parker will owner my frequent kier points and a bigger airline to me means more places I can go and use them. Everyone should just sit back and let them grow more destination to go to with my points is always a good thing. American’s CEO and executives are only interest in one thing the pot at he end of the rainbow. Read between the lines if they exit alone they will get more money and who knows what they will do t the company after. Think of the employees left behind no one cares about them. At the end of the day money and creditors will control what happens not our blogs or opinions.

  • Kely

    RE: USAir/American:

    I experienced the USAir take over of PSA and what they did at the time…it was terrible for
    all flyers, just terrible. Now USAir is all but gone from the West Coast skys and of course, so is PSA..!!USAir is NOT a good match for American
    and it should not take place, period!!!!

  • MORT




  • Chas

    I’ve had resonable luck with American’s flyer program and have about 350,000 miles in my account. I only have about 150K miles in U.S. Air and have been unable to EVER find a flight even when my schedule is adjustable give or take a week or two. U S Airways has proved, for me, to be the WORST program out there.

  • Rick

    American certainly has it’s issues, but compared to US Airways, AA is fantastic! I had to fly US Airways recently and felt like every time I turned around they had their hand in my pocket! The cost of the flight was fair, but then another $45 to get a seat because everything left was a “premium” seat (that wouldn’t even qualify as a “preferred” seat on any other airline) and then another $25 per bag – each way. What next? Credit card readers on the bathrooms so you have to pay to use them in flight! Yes, American’s leadership needs to wake up and make some changes, but merging with US Scareways is not the solution.

  • FlyingArmyVet

    I have been traveling on American out of Boston for over 12 years now and prefer them over US Airways, even having to connect through O’Hare the nightmare.

    But simply put, if it comes down to AA going away and losing out on everything, ie, miles, status, club membership … I will take the merger in stride and learn to adapt instead of losing out completely.

  • Chuck

    I am in favor of the merger since I will be able to merge my mileage accounts and have access to more nearly-unobtainable free seats.

  • Brian

    I really don’t comment much on these boards, but I could not resist the opportunity to register my abhorrence with US Air. If you ask me, there’s a definite dignity to American going down as a memory instead of continuing as a part of US Air.

    For my part, I generally fly Orbitz Air (i.e. whomever gets to my destination with the fewest stops and lowest price), and American doesn’t seem to charter for them much any more. On the other hand, if US Air *ever* came up in the listings for a trip I needed to take,short of them paying for my entire trip and lodging, I’d gladly pay more to avoid them, regardless of whether they consumed AA or not.

  • N Collins

    Yes from me. Neither airline has the size needed to compete with Delta or United. This merger will happen or another liquidation looms in the future.

  • PDJ

    No. no. no. I may be old but I remember Piedmont Airlines (better than USAir), early America West Airlines (better than USAirways). I have been Global Services on United and Concierge Key on American so I have spent more than my fair share of time on airplanes.

    There is nothing I have ever experienced on USAirways that would make me want to fly them on a regular basis. Plus, the America West acquisition of US Air was (and still is) a mess for operations and employees.

    AA tried to restructure without resorting to bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the labor costs (wages, work rules, and most importantly — pensions) are too high for the company to be profitable in a business where the airline with the lowest cost sets the price for the industry.

    The pilots, FAs, ground staff, (many thousands of AA employees, who typically are very good) have to face the unfortunate fact that their pay and benefits are not sustainable in today’s industry environment. I would prefer they accept the new reality with AA by adjusting to market rather than hoping that Doug Parker and USAirways can provide a better long-term opportunity.

  • David Troup

    I am decidedly AGAINST a USair merger with AA. I’ve been an American frequent flyer for 30 years (Exec Platinum for many years and subsequently Platinum for life), and though AA’s service (and, I think, employee morale; the two are connected) has declined in recent years, I still think they are the best domestic carrier (I’m tempted to say the best of a bad bunch, which is largely the truth.)

    I have enough experience with USAir to know that I don’t want them taking over my airline of choice. I can look forward to never being able to use my frequent flyer miles (AAdvantage seat availability is always reasonably decent, in my view) and inferior service. I can imagine it might also destroy the OneWorld alliance, which would have worldwide effect at reducing competition.

    Stay away from AA! Living in San Francisco now, I’d just cease flying AA/US and switch to United, which has a hub here, but I’d be very disappointed.

  • lyn nelson

    No, No, NO. To be fair I haven’t flown USAir in a long time and for good reason. Of all the US major carriers it is my least favorite. American absolutely has it over USAir.

    I am just sorry that Continental has gone to United, my other least favorite. Continental and AA could have done some serious damage to the others.

    American is really trying hard and it is showing. Recently I have had some really amazing customer service by phone. Yes, I am EXPLAT but they are light years better than last year. The new planes are gorgeous. And the logo and outside colours are perfect. They ARE changing the inside with the new additions.

    The only way I could deal with a merger is if no one ever knew about it and AA would rework everything to be American. I will stop flying AA if it becomes USAir. Never, never.

  • lc

    NO, NO, NO WAY.

    The only person I hear for this is US Airways. Leave American alone. I don’t what my status to be distroyed. I’ve flown too much for that to happen.

  • kl

    I had the displeasure of flying US Air around 1982. After that I told travel agent to NEVER book me on US again (For many years I traveled weekly and sometimes 5 cities in 5 days.) In the southwest, one airline was known as America Worst – it applies still.

    United will be the winner if the merger goes thru.

    American should not merge with US Air.

  • MORT


  • MORT

    US Airways CEO Doug Parker told the National Press Club in Washington that the merger would be best for all concerned. I’ll bet that he’s glad he wasn’t under oath unless he’s become delusional.

  • judy

    A resounding NO NO NO to the AA/USAir merger. We have been faithful to AA & do all we can to fly with them. We are executive platinum and would NEVER want to jepardize our status. We live on the west coast with one of our kids in Barcelona & the other in DC with young kids. Had to fly USAir once – no comparison.

  • ira Kellman

    Don’t trade your AMEX points to BA for the bonus. BA is the most expensive airline to use points.A trip to the middle east with a stop was 65000 points plus $800 in fees and taxes with a stop .A direct flight was $1100 no points. Flying on partner American domestically cot 50% more miles using BA points than using American’s. Unless you fly to Britain often DO NOT trade into BA.

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