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US Airways’ New Bag Delivery Service: Nice, but Pricey

US Airways’ New Bag Delivery Service: Nice, but Pricey

US Airways customers can now pay to have their bags delivered to their destination, whether that’s home, a hotel, or work.

With Bags VIP, travelers can order the service online, up to one hour prior to their flight departure time. Bags are then checked at the airport. And because they are checked, baggage fees may apply. Bags will be delivered within four to six hours of the flight’s arrival.

No need to stop at the baggage carousel to retrieve your luggage!

The cost?

  • $29.95 for one bag
  • $39.95 for two bags
  • $49.95 for three – 10 bags

Taken by themselves, the fees don’t seem unreasonable. But when the $25 fee that non-elites are charged to check in bags is factored in, the all-in price to have your bag delivered becomes prohibitive.

US Airways has also rolled out its new Track Your Bag tool, an Internet app that allows travelers to view real-time information on their bags’ status, including checked-in time, and when the bag is offloaded from the plane. To use the app, flyers enter a last name and baggage tag number or confirmation code.

The price: free.

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  • Himeno

    AA has had this since August last year. DL since a few months after…

  • TomF

    Compared to the price of FedEx or UPS point-to-point luggage shipping services, this isn’t pricey at all. $29.95 wouldn’t even pay for a cab ride into town from most airports.