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United Doubles the Miles in Battle for Seattle

United Doubles the Miles in Battle for Seattle

For Seattle residents or Seattle-bound travelers, the marketing battle between Delta and Alaska Airlines has been a mileage bonanza, with both airlines deploying frequent-flyer promotions to increase or at least retain their share of that market.

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines is offering double award miles and double elite-qualifying miles on Alaska flights between Seattle and Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Rosa.

And Delta is offering double award miles and double elite-qualifying miles for Delta flights between Seattle and Anchorage, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, and Las Vegas.

Better late than never, United has announced its own mileage promotion for Seattle flights.

Offer Details

Between December 2, 2013, and May 31, 2014, MileagePlus members can earn double miles for United or United Express flights between Seattle and Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, or Anchorage.

Bookings must be made by December 31, 2013.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Compared to the offers from Alaska and Delta, United’s is glaringly weak in two areas:

  • The bonus is award miles only — no elite-qualifying miles.
  • The December 2 – December 31 booking window is harshly short for a bonus in effect through May 2014.

Alaska’s offer, which features both award and elite-qualifying miles and can be booked until its end date of May 31, 2014, remains the most generous and usable of the Seattle mileage promotions.

Sorry, United.

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  • Duane Frederic

    This is another rotten deal for United passengers flying from Cleveland, OH. Continental used to have a daily direct non-stop flight from CLE to SEA, but United has since eliminated direct flights for their many one stop Hub cities. So, what used to be a 4 hour direct flight from CLE to SEA is now at least a 7-8 hour ordeal with one or more Hub stops. If there is any delay in the Hub stop city, then you arrive that much later in SEA. Also, if you depart CLE in the afternoon or later, you increase the probability of a delayed flight at the connecting Hub city to get you into SEA after midnight.

  • UA dude

    Actually I took the CLE-SEA last Sunday, it’s still there, UA metal

  • Ryan

    I’m a UA 1K member and have been for years. But I’ve given up on UA. This “battle for Seattle” just makes my eyes roll. UA has trimmed service out of SEA for years … to the point where it isn’t all that desirable to fly them on trips in/out of the Emerald City. Gone are the 757s to LAX … instead now we have UA Express CR7s. Flights to SFO are now on a combination of equipment, including tiny CR2s! Narita flights are disappearing. HNL flights have been gone for some time. And service? Well, UA service doesn’t even compare to DL or AS. The battle was lost long ago and UA’s efforts are frivolous at best.

  • Duane Frederic

    Dear Dude,
    Did you really fly non-stop from CLE to SEA? My rant is against UA dropping non-stop flights from CLE to SEA.

  • cowboyinbrla

    Duane – you’re correct. UADude may have flown United, but not non-stop. Those flights don’t exist any more – at least not going forward from today.

    That said – an airline can’t please everyone with nonstops from everywhere to everywhere. Be thankful you live in a hub airport (even a de-emphasized hub) that offers a lot of options (and alternative carriers). Some of us live in places where there are only four carriers, none of which are low-cost, and all of which fly to a single hub. With the upcoming merger of US/AA, we will be down to three carriers and three hub destinations only, with no other nonstops.