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The Best Current Frequent Flyer Deals & Offers

The Best Current Frequent Flyer Deals & Offers

The only thing better than earning miles and points is earning more miles and points, and earning them faster. Here we collect and summarize the best frequent flyer bonuses and discounts on offer from the airlines, hotels, rental car companies, and credit card issuers.

Know of a miles or points promotion that should be on our list but isn’t? Let us know and we’ll get it into the queue for a review.

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Credit Card Promotions

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  • Jerry Mandel

    #1 Capital One® Venture(SM) Rewards Credit Card

    Money® magazine’s “Best Rewards Card if you aim to rack up airline miles”
    2 miles per dollar on every purchase, every day
    Earn 25,000 bonus miles, equal to $250 in travel
    Redeem your miles for ANY travel expense
    No limit on the miles you can earn and miles won’t expire
    Fly free on any airline, any time with no blackout dates
    No foreign transaction fees
    $0 intro annual fee – $59 after that

  • Mike

    There is a catch, though (isn’t there always a catch?), if you look at “Terms and Conditions”.

    The number of miles required for a given flight is 100 times the cost of the ticket. So, for a $1000 ticket you need to redeem 100,000 miles. This may or may not be a good deal. Of course there is no annual fee, and no blackout dates.

  • Martin

    FYI: bad link. Clicking on “New Priority Club Credit Cards Come With a Big Bonus (60,000 Points) (no published end date)” brought me (twice) to an outdated item about Southwest.

  • Tim Winship

    Martin – Apologies for the bad link. It’s been fixed.

  • Gerald Saperstein

    I am a long term American Airlines frequent flyer mile user with Citibank. This year I got a Chase British Air Credit card and the 100,000 miles that I heard about in your newsletter. In addition, I got an American Express Rewards card with 50,000 Rewards points with no fee the first year. With a special promotion I was able convert the 50,000 points into 75,000 British Air miles. Not bad, 175,000 British Air miles for the $95.00 Chase card fee. I tried to book a flight to Paris and was able to find flights but the cost of an economy flight was 59,000 miles plus $606.00 in taxes and fees. The same flight on American in the same month is 40,000 miles and $92.70 in taxes and fees. The difference in taxes and fees is British Air is based in the U.K. and their taxes apply. When you use British Air miles on U.S. Domestic flights through their partner American Airlines you don’t pay these taxes. Obviously this is how I will use them.

  • Murtar

    Stay away from Cap1. They are hucksters!!!

  • U thomas

    What is wrong with Cap 1 ?

  • MrGeorge

    I don’t wish to sound dumb…but what is the differance between Miles and Points?

  • MrGeorge

    Just to let you all know. I was a Citi Card Holders with/for American for a long time. Last year, I apply for a new credit card and was rejected, applied again and rejected again. I called and was told that their records show that I am/was or have had a Citi Card before and they would not given me another one. I cancell my cards with them and got a Chase Card with Continental.

  • william billups

    to jerry mandel

    fly free on any airline not quite with 100000
    miles (points) youhave a 1000. credit toward a 5000. r t business class fare as opposed to a free fare on an airline program

  • dr. Anne Kelly

    What about the Chase Saffire card??

  • k beers

    I’m a “million miler” on Continental and currently mu wife and I get lifetime silver elite status. I understand that should become lifetime gold status when the merger of the program is complete – will I receive these cards from United or do I have to make a request?

  • Bill Cohen

    Well, I think the TSA started up with the wrong person when they started up with
    a U.S. Senator (Rand Paul) at an airport. Do all you understand that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to impede a member of Congress on their way to washington DC on official business. This will probably start Congress to STOP this Gestapo-like tactics at the airports. It takes something like this with an important politician to start the ball rolling. Perhaps if sufficient travelers complain to their members of Congress to get this rectified. Remember how the IRS previously treated taxpayers! They are now most courteous. How things change. It takes Congress!! Let’s go Frequent Travelers, contact your members of Congress!


    I have ff miles on on different airlines how do I consolidate them to make a trip
    the main airlines are United and American also Asiana I lost my Northwest miles when they merged with Delta and my Southwest

  • TW

    Is British Airways offering 100,000 miles for new credit card by spending $2000 within first 2 months?

  • longhorns

    William Hunter-Don’t try to consolidate them; you can’t. You can make your trips on various airlines by making one-way trips on different airlines which ever has availability for your schedule needs.

  • don davidson

    i have 350,000 AA miles. with all that is happening can anyone suggest the best course of action? use them right now or wait?
    anyone know a way to transfer AA miles to other programs


    Use your miles. That is the best action to take to hedge against them moving the goal post or a general devalue from a merger

  • joeybagadoughnutz

    yep, use them now

  • joeybagadoughnutz

    if you truly lost your NW miles, then YOU screwed up big time

  • joeybagadoughnutz

    IMPORTANT ?!?!?!?!? ha

  • wassamatteryou?

    Why do most of these posts appear twice in a row?

  • Robert

    No. To obtain the 100,000 you must spend $20,000.00 the first year.

  • Jason F

    I find My CapOne program by far the easiest to redeem and most rewarding program out there. Love it.

  • esigara

    hi how are you elektronik sigara

  • Paul

    To: American Airlines
    To whom it may concern

    I am writing to you because of a problem I encountered while traveling with your airline.. The flight was out of San Diego with a destination of Minneapolis.
    I called your reservation desk and asked about upgrading a ticket to first class. The ticket was being purchased for me by a company I do business with and I requested that they purchase the ticket from American. I used my miles to purchase the upgrade. I was informed that all was in order and a record locator was given to me. The printout confirmed my flight and my seat assignment. The day before the flight I attempted to check in but was told that I must check in at the airport.
    I decided to leave early to be sure I had enough time to check in. I arrived at the airport two hours before the flight. I checked my bag curbside but the porter was on the phone for 20 minutes and then informed me I had to go to the ticket counter because of some problem. I was second in line at the first class check in but it took almost 20 minutes before I was waited on as there was some problem with a large family in front of me. The ticket person said that there was a problem with my ticket and she needed a certificate number to process me. She made several phone calls and was put on hold each time. Time went by and I began to be concerned. I reported my concern to the agent and she informed me that I need not worry. She said she called ahead to the boarding area and they know I am coming. I said that I couldn’t afford to miss the flight and asked why it was taking so long. She said that someone had neglected to process my upgrade and they were doing it now. She said that I could relax and that I would not miss the flight. I asked if I could go to the gate and have her send the number she needed to them there. She said no and then reassured me that I would not miss the flight. I finally got the number and my boarding pass and I ran to security. I went to the first class security and was in a fairly short line but it took about 10 minutes to get through. While in the line I was paged by someone. I told security that I was being paged and they said I could not leave until I was cleared. Once I was cleared I ran to the gate just as the door was closing and presented my pass. The agent told me that I had missed the flight. I told her that I saw that the door had just closed to the ramp and that the plane door was still open. She informed me that they had already given my seat to someone else. I asked if they had been informed that I was coming and she said that she had paged me and I didn’t answer. I informed her that I was in security during the page and couldn’t respond immediately but that it had only been 5 minutes after your page that I arrived at the gate. It was 8:35 but I was refused boarding.
    I suppressed my anger and calmly waited as they booked me on a flight 4 hours later. The new flight was to St. Louis on a smaller plane with little room in first class and then I had to ride a smaller plane to Minneapolis with no first class at all.
    I had an important meeting scheduled for 6PM which I missed. I had planned this trip two months earlier and had done everything possible to be sure I would be on time.

    I can understand snow storms, hurricanes and other acts of god delaying flights. I understand that mistakes can happen because we are all human. In this case it was a collection of mistakes.
    1. The mistake of not processing my upgrade at the time it was made.
    2. The mistake of allowing me to wait in line for 20 minutes even though I was first in line in the first class line.
    3. The number of phone calls required to get the certificate number.
    4. The time the ticket person was kept on hold.
    5. Poor communication about my arrival delay at the gate.
    6. Giving my seat away, disregarding that they were told I was on my way.
    The worst one of all was
    7. The lack of concern for my trouble and the attitude that is was my fault that I missed the flight.

    You have been my airline of choice for many years. I have over 2 million miles with you. I stood in disbelief as I watched my flight take off without me and realized what it was costing me. Do you care for your good customers? Do you care if I travel with you again? Do you care about your reputation?

    I received no response to my letter. They refunded me some miles for the lack of first class but it wasn’t half of miles I was charged.
    I hope the reorganization will treat their best customers a little better.

  • James C. Maxwell

    Too long, didn’t read, don’t care. Your rant is misplaced here.

  • mille

    I have been reading your posts regularly. I need to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Please keep up the great work.

  • jvmurph


  • jvmurph

    I have had a CapitalOne Mastercard with double points for almost a decade. I have taken myself, spouse, children and grandchildren on numerous family trips using the points earned on this card. In March 2014, six of us will be going to Mexico with the plane tickets bought with CapitalOne points. This is my go to card.

  • jvmurph

    Absolutely nothing.

  • jvmurph

    I’m finding it harder and harder to find good flights using AA points. I’m going to use them as soon as I can find a decent flight and then drop my AA credit card. I’m only going to concentrate on credit cards that can be used on any airline with no blackout dates.

  • jvmurph

    I agree!

  • Mahmud

    I was a Citi Card Holders at oklahoma city for a long time. I
    apply for a new credit card. I was rejected, apply again I called and was told that their records. They would not given me card to pest control oklahoma city .

  • kenneth robinson

    The CHASE UNITED MILEAGE PLUS CARD sucks with their claim the ‘first checked bag’ FREE…… Often for many of us we get one checked bag free anyway. The tricky-dicky Card company and Airline is hoping you don’t grasp the meaning of ‘FIRST’ and will think you get an extra bag. BE AWARE You may qualify for the first bag many times over and over, but the additional bag will cost you……

  • Phil

    Tim- How about cleaning out the older posts, those from a year or more ago?

  • Rohit_83

    Great information ~

  • Carole Bland Biddle Frome
  • Carole Bland Biddle Frome

    I love my Capital One cards: one which I’ve dedicated to auto-pay accounts, and the other to use in daily life. My only complaint is if you have a problem with a merchant they aren’t much help. American Express does all of the work for you. With Capital One you have to fight your own battle first.

  • Nightrider

    he had a legitimate beef, especially being a 2 mil mile member

  • Nightrider

    what’s that for, CBB Frome? are you able to help the poor chap?

  • Nightrider

    what about it?

  • db538

    Can’t speak to someone in the USA, I am always getting India sounding people.

  • Rowdy Yates

    You’re right … but it was a complicated issue. You suffering from attention deficit disorder or just general snottiness?

  • Rowdy Yates

    Thanks … saves having to go to each site to look up the specials!

  • hasitha m

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  • ibrandsfflier

    Tim Winship
    Publisher, ( Editor-at-Large, (
    Author, Mileage Pro – The Insider’s Guide to Frequent Flyer Programs (e) | (p) 323-666-4866

  • Packers Movers

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  • jvmurph

    I get 2 points for every dollar I spend on my Capital One card, so it is a good deal.

  • Mark Peterson

    Are you not doing credit cards anymore……?

  • nobody

    2-year gripe with typical AA scenario? How does lead to long posts on Capital One credit card?

  • hendrinaga
  • cscasi

    Have you asked to be transferred to a representative in the United States? Most companies using overseas call centers have a rule that if a customer asks to be transferred stateside, they have to do it.

  • cscasi

    Too short. Read, but don’t care! No need for your pithy response here.

  • James C. Maxwell

    “Pithy”? Thanks for the compliment – that the post was “full of vigor, substance, or meaning”! That word does not mean what you seem to think it means, you dumb bitch.

  • Jim McKeown


    This would be a great feature — except that it’s pretty useless to have a lot of bonuses which have already expired, like 14 of the 15 hotel bonuses.

    If that’s the best you can do, just skip it.

  • Carchar

    Why are the ensuing comments from years ago?

  • borris bur

    This chap sounds like a loser. Who even has patience to read this sob story let alone write it !!!! Get a life man