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Spirit’s New Inflight Beverage: Canned Wine

Spirit’s New Inflight Beverage: Canned Wine

Spirit last week began selling cans of Friends Wine In a Can on its flights.

That’s right: wine in 250-milliliter aluminum cans.

Price: $7 a can.

Florida-based Friends boasts that it has invented a new category of wine it dubs “Fun Wine.” What that means is such flavors as Strawberry Moscato and Grape Melon and a relatively low alcohol content.

Sweet, in other words.

Sweetness in a can.

Sweetness in a can with only 6 percent alcohol.

As a semi-serious wine drinker, I’m tempted to bash Spirit for pandering to their customers’ basest tastes. I mean, really, sweet wine in a soda can? “Strawberry jam on the nose, with a hint of popsicle on the palate, and a long metallic finish.” Mmmmm.

But all snootiness aside, the price isn’t a deal-killer. And if your tastes run to the sugary end of the spectrum, this might be just the thing to take your mind off the multitude of ancillary fees you’ve paid to sit in a seat with industry-lagging legroom.


Reader Reality Check

Sweet wine in a can: neat or nasty?

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  • Max Kroner

    Coolest concept I’ve ever seen. Your clearly an idiot.

  • James

    It’s delicious! I tried it on the flight and it was so much better then I expected. Agree with Max – your opinion clearly sucks.

  • DaB

    Wine (citric, mallic and tartaric acids) in an aluminum container?! Or should I say in a BPA (lining) container? Either way: YUCK!

    Hey folks, aluminum (leached by the acids) is a neurotoxin and BPA an endocrine disruptor.

  • sju36

    Hmm. One comment ever from you. One comment ever from “James.” Both stunningly enthusiastic — “coolest concept I’ve ever seen”? Really? — about canned “wine.” Both follow similar formats: bizarre adulation for the product followed by an ad hominem attack on the author. Both even manage to screw up a single homophone (“your”; “then”).

    But I’m sure neither commenter has any relation whatsoever to Friends Wine or Spirit.