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Spirit Goes No-Toll-Free “to Better Assist You”

Spirit Goes No-Toll-Free “to Better Assist You”

Want to call Spirit Airlines? Chat up a friendly res agent? Maybe change a flight date or time?

You’ll search long and hard on the airline’s website to find a phone number. And when you do — I finally tracked it down by following the links to “How do I change a reservation?” — you probably won’t recognize the initial three numbers in 801-401-2222.

Is that yet another variant of the 800 code used for toll-free numbers?

There’s nothing toll-free about it — 801 is the area code for the Wasatch Front in northern Utah, specifically Davis, Morgan, Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber counties.

That’s right. Spirit has replaced its toll-free number with a toll-charge number. (Call the old number, 800-772-7117, and you’ll be greeted by a chirpy recording advising that “we recently updated our phone number to better assist you.”)

So if you do have occasion to call Spirit, mind the toll charges. And since the conversation is taking place on your dime, you might ask the res agent how exactly the new number better assists you.

Reader Reality Check

Any Spirit fans out there?

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  • Jeff Mass

    I think it’s a cheap shot by Spirit to save a few bucks. However I don’t think most callers would mind because the predominant calling plans are unlimited long distance. Does anyone know of someone who pays per minute for a long distance call?

  • Alex

    You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have free cell-phone or home-phone long distance. I used to work at the Disney Reservations Center, starting as a phone agent and later as someone that trained those agents. To this day the only published numbers to make Walt Disney World reservations are toll lines in the 407 area code.

    Clearly, it’s not as big a deal today as it was 10 years ago. But, free domestic long distance is far from universal.

  • Gray Baker

    Sheesh you Americans are coddled. Look at the UK where, not only do most companies not use toll-free numbers, but they use numbers that charge between 5-15p per minute. We actually even have a website ( to search for geographic numbers instead of the published numbers. And yes, even the American carriers use these expensive numbers in the UK.

  • Kathleen Clair

    A poor airline just got poorer. Flew them once – never again.

  • John Smith

    Gray, you’re kind of gray. And sad. And Eeyoreish. Please go away. You remind me of an infection I once had.