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Quick and Easy American Frequent Flyer Miles

Quick and Easy American Frequent Flyer Miles

Earn American AAdvantage miles for joining Best Western’s Rewards program?

Strange, perhaps, but true. And it’s quick and easy as well.

Offer Details

As part of an upcoming bonus-mile offer for Best Western stays between February 6 and April 11 (which will be reviewed next week), American AAdvantage members can earn 250 bonus miles by signing up for a new Best Western Rewards account and setting their earning preference to American AAdvantage miles.

Deadline: April 11.

Deal or No Deal

If you’re not already a Best Western Rewards member and can use a few extra American miles, this is a no-brainer, even if you never plan to stay at a Best Western property.

Figure five minutes to set up a new Rewards account and you’re earning 50 miles a minute with no out-of-pocket expense. That’s 3,000 miles an hour, 24,000 miles during a workday, and … well, you get the idea.

Reader Reality Check

Need American miles?

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  • Joe

    Also if you are near the end of your 18 month no activity period, these miles will extend the life of all your other miles.

  • Norma

    I already enrolled last week on this promotion to earn 250 miles just by signing and NO movement or miles are shown on my AAdvantage Rewards Program!!! Whay can I do to get these promotion miles ???

  • Harris

    I have also signed up for this promotion and have yet to see any miles to my AA account.