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Priority Club’s Win It in a Minute Contest Delivers Fun and Freebies

Priority Club’s Win It in a Minute Contest Delivers Fun and Freebies

In InterContinental Hotels Group’s Priority Club online trivia contest, Win It in a Minute, potential players are invited to "Think fast, win big."

Indeed, quick thinking is a must to win—big, little, or otherwise. But winning big will take more than a fast-lane brain; it will take a fact-filled mind as well.

Contest Details

Through April 15, Priority Club Rewards members can play the Win It in a Minute Trivia Challenge once a day, every weekday.

Each day’s game consists of five trivia questions that must be answered within 12 seconds. The faster you answer, the more points you earn.

There are prizes for the best daily scores, and the best weekly scores:

  • The 50 players with the most points each day will win 5,000 Priority Club points (approximate retail value (ARV): $21).
  • The 100 players with the most cumulative points each week will win 15,000 Priority Club points (ARV: $63).

While you can play every weekday, there are limits on how often you can win: once weekly for the daily prize, and once monthly for the weekly prize.

So, assuming you maxed out on winning, you could earn a total of 120,000 points (ARV: $504).

To Play or Not to Play

If your goal is a little innocent distraction, this contest delivers. In my experience, the questions were mostly clever. And while the topics were esoteric, by design, they were also intriguing.

If your goal is to snag a significant number of Priority Club points, take an honest measure of your trivia capabilities before jumping in with high hopes. Because only the highest-scoring players win points, you’ll have to be a bona fide trivia hound to be among the winners.

Playing the game this morning, I managed a lackluster three out of five correct answers, and I was right up against the 12-second deadline in each case. Clearly I’m not among the trivia league’s elite. But I was certainly entertained, and in the process learned which country has the longest coastline in the world, "about 243,000 kms. in length."

Reader Reality Check

Fun or freebies? Give it a try and let us know what you won.

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  • DocNiel

    Unfortunately, the game is already rife with cheaters,so it remains to be seen whether those are weeded out. There are already a number of players this week who have over 150,000 points after 3 days…which would require a perfect internet connection, and guessing the answers for 15 questions in a row without taking time to read the questions. *sigh*

  • Bill P.

    I agree with DocNiel. Winning now requires scores that are impossible if one plays by the rules.

    I did win during Week 2 by playing legitimately, but the same score today would not come near the so-called leaders.

    I hope eprize detects and disqualifies the cheaters.

  • royalprincess

    The game is now over. There were many questions I got right and earned no points.