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British Airways 100,000-Mile Credit Card Bonus Ends July 18

British Airways 100,000-Mile Credit Card Bonus Ends July 18

Lucrative credit card bonuses come and go, typically with no advance notice. One day the sign-up bonus is eye-popping, the next it’s just ho-hum.

That’s certainly been the case with one of the most generous credit card promotions ever, for the Chase-issued British Airways Visa Signature card.

Although it began with no notice, we at least now know when it will end. It has been confirmed that the current version of the offer will end on July 18, probably to be replaced by the previous 50,000-Avios bonus.

Here’s what’s on offer for the time being:

  • 50,000 bonus Avios after the first purchase charged to the card
  • Another 25,000 bonus Avios after charging $10,000 to the card within the first year
  • An additional 25,000 bonus Avios after charging a total of $20,000 within the first year

Card Details

  • Annual fee: $95
  • Annual percentage rate: variable, Prime Rate plus 11.99 percent, currently 15.24 percent
  • Cardholders earn 2.5 Executive Club miles for every $1 spent on British Airways purchases, 1.25 miles for every $1 spent on other purchases.
  • Cardholders receive a free companion award ticket every year they charge $30,000 to the card.
  • Smart chip technology, so the card can be used for chip-based purchases in Europe.
  • No foreign transaction fees

The Executive Club Caveat

As always when discussing British Airways’ Executive Club program, the issue of sky-high fuel surcharges on award tickets must be raised.

While it’s possible to get solid value by redeeming Avios for flights on British Airways’ partner airlines, it does require extra work to circumvent the most noxious fees.

Reader Reality Check

If you’re an Executive Club member, how have you made good use of your Avios?

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  • Rob

    My wife and I are looking to fly to Rome in September of 2013 for our anniversary. Great credit, could probably spend 10k within the first year to get us up to 75,000 miles.

    Would you recommend this card to me for my situation with the goal of getting two round trip tickets to Rome for as little cost as possible?

    Should I hold out for a better deal?

    Thank you! Love the site

  • Joan

    I recently flew on United. The flight was delayed for 5 hours while they tried to fix a mechanical problem. They finally decided they couldn’t fix it and there were no more flights that evening. They paid for a hotel and 10 bucks to cover dinner and breakfast before flying out the next day. All they offerred after my complaint was $150 off the my next flight. Keeping me from getting home an entire day didn’t seem an imposition to them.

  • Thomas Roth

    CAUTION!!! This “ultra generous” BA Credit Card offer a totally misleading deal. I went for it, all the way (spent the $ and got the 100,000 Avios miles). The PROBLEM is that BA Avios miles are worth a FRACTION of other carriers’ miles, so the deal is far less valuable than it appears. For example: Using AAdvantage miles, SFO-HKG on Cathay in business class is 55k miles. Using BA Avios, the exact same route and carrier is 70k miles. Or SFO-DEL on BA is 67.5k using AAdvantage miles, but using BA Avios (same carrier, routing, business class) it is 100k Avios. SFO-MAD is 50k AAdvantage, vs. 65k BA Avios. I called and asked their Exec Club agent if BA uses the One World award chart, and he got defensive, saying basically “yes, but not always.” They don’t even have an award chart. They calculate based on miles flown. Unless you are only going USA-London (50k, same as AAdvantage) then you are going to “pay” a serious premium using BA Avios. I think this is all smoke and mirrors, should be disclosed, and ends up creating dis-loyalty, not good will.

  • Sue

    My husband and I flew to Portugal First Class last November using BA miles and companion ticket. Problem is the connections available using miles are very limited and poor. Had a 12 hour layover in Heathrow, which worked out ok because we used a service to pick us up and take us to Windsor for the day. However, in trying to use miles for a trip to Venice, even though there are connections to Venice out of Heathrow, in using miles, you can only get to Venice from Gatwick after landing at Heathrow…a nightmare. Flying USA-London is the only way to have any decent choice in use of miles. So that’s what we’re doing in October and then we will drop the BA card and not use our other “earned” companion ticket. Companion ticket, BTW, can only be used with miles; you can’t pay for a ticket and use the companion.

  • R

    @Rob: Why don’t both you and your wife sign up for the card and spend $10k on one card? That way, you would get 125k miles (50+50 after first purchase on each, then 25k for $10k spend on one card).