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New Hyatt Promotion: Up to 50,000 Bonus Points

New Hyatt Promotion: Up to 50,000 Bonus Points

It’s been awhile since Hyatt’s last systemwide bonus offer. That promotion featured 3,000 bonus points after every three nights, up to a maximum of 45,000 bonus points after 45 nights. We deemed it one of the weakest Hyatt offers in recent memory.

The new Hyatt offer is slightly better, but only for those who can log at least five nights in less than three months.

Offer Details

Between September 9 and November 30, Hyatt Gold Passport members can earn up to 50,000 bonus points, as follows:

  • 5,000 bonus points after five nights
  • 10,000 additional bonus points after 10 nights
  • 15,000 additional bonus points after 15 nights
  • 20,000 additional bonus points after 20 nights

Registration is required, between September 9 and October 31.

Deal or No Deal

Gold Passport members normally earn five points per $1. So a $150 night would net 750 points.

The 5,000-point bonus after five nights amounts to 1,000 bonus points per night, somewhat more than doubling the normal 750-point payout in our example.

After 10 nights, the cumulative bonus would be 15,000 points, or 1,500 bonus points per night. That would triple the normal payout.

And after 20 nights, the cumulative bonus of 50,000 points would be 2,500 extra points per night, more than quadrupling the normal 750-point-per-night payout.

Double points is a ho-hum bonus. Quadruple points, on the other hand, could be a game-changer. But that only applies after 20 or more nights, a very high hurdle.

In fairness to Hyatt, the marketing materials call out business travelers as the target for this promotion. Indeed, with a minimum of five nights to earn any bonus at all, there’s nothing here for the infrequent leisure traveler.

And there isn’t much for the moderate business traveler, either. Unless you’re among the very few high-frequency travelers who can qualify for the most lucrative bonuses, you’ll probably find your loyalty better rewarded elsewhere.

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