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New American Logo, Livery. Like or Dislike?

New American Logo, Livery. Like or Dislike?

American today published images of its new corporate logo and aircraft livery, designed to symbolize the airline’s reboot after more than a year in bankruptcy.

The new logo brings together stylized versions of the airline’s traditional eagle, star, and “A” (for American).

Because most of the new planes due to be delivered to American in the coming months and years are made of lightweight composite materials that must be painted, the new livery features aircraft bodies painted “silver mica,” maintaining the unpainted silver bird look that has become so identified with American’s fleet. The tail section is defined by horizontal bands of red and blue. And “American” is painted prominently in blue across the planes’ fore sections.

The official line, from the airline’s chief commercial officer, Virasb Vahidi:

Our new logo and livery are designed to reflect the passion for progress and the soaring spirit, which is uniquely American. Our core colors — red, white and blue — have been updated to reflect a more vibrant and welcoming spirit. The new tail, with stripes flying proudly, is a bold reflection of American’s origin and name. And our new flight symbol, an updated eagle, incorporates the many icons that people have come to associate with American, including the “A” and the star.

According to the American’s news release, the new livery will make its debut appearance on the airline’s first-delivered Boeing 777-300ER, set to begin scheduled service on January 31.

Also according to the release: “The unveiling of the new logo and livery is the latest step forward in American’s ongoing journey toward building a more modern travel experience for its customers.”

That remains to be seen, as American’s future remains very much up in the air.

In the meantime, what’s your take on the new visual branding: Like or dislike?

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  • Matt


  • Corey

    They should spend the money on customer experience rather than on rebranding. Plus, it is really ugly.

  • Rich787

    The logo on the fuselage is ok but the tail looks too “busy”

  • crAAzy

    I really don’t know why I even bother reading these articles on FT. Superficial, shallow, and factually incorrect.

    1. The new livery has already made it’s debut on a 737 flown into DFW this morning! Your quoted source of American’s news release mentions no such debut.

    2. Why on earth would you end this “news article” with a comment like “American’s future remains very much up in the air”? Once again inserting your bias?

  • Eric

    Factually incorrect? Is that why

    1. They quoted the news release? Why would it be factually incorrect if they quoted the news release? If information was omitted from the news release, then why would it be inappropriate to omit it from this article?

    2. Bias? Are you unaware of American’s problems with bankruptcy at the moment and US Airways’ attempt to merge with them? Could “American’s future remains very much up in the air” be interpreted in many ways, such as the uncertainty of whether they’ll emerge from bankruptcy by themselves, or merged with US Airways?

    Sounds like you’re a bit biased yourself! With a name like crAAzy, you seem to be an optmistic AA fan.

  • PatrickSmith

    As I say in my latest blog post, the real tragedy of this makeover is loss of the classic “AA” symbol. This was one of last true iconic airline logos left in the world — a timeless and elegant trademark. It has been replaced by an hideous, meaningless abstraction.

    The rest of the design can be forgiven (almost). Throwing away the AA emblem is another story. What a terrible new identity.

    Patrick Smith (

  • cynicalJew

    I didn’t know that American merged with Cubana.

  • Ondrej Bocek

    The old livery and logo was better.

  • Unanymous

    Repainting a plane runs well into six figures PER PLANE. AA is trying to emerge from bankruptcy, yet they’re spending big bucks on executive bonuses and ugly new logos. As usual, a very-high-priced consultant has brainwashed the C-suite into believing that this is going to improve business — but I’ll bet those consultants haven’t even flown AA, or they’d be making very different recommendations. (BTW, has anyone polled the line employees at AA to see if this is going to improve their morale? (Eyes rolling)

  • Shane

    I like it. I thought the AA logo with eagle was hideous. And I was an employee of the company for years. They should have upgraded long ago. I am only posting because you will rarely hear from those who have something positive to say and don’t want you to think the majority hate it.

  • Ratt

    The stewards have updated their outfits also as a constant reminder of the ways of Rex Kwan Do

  • OC Referee

    I like the new look…I don’t hate AA, I’m gold and have enjoyed/endured air travel for 12 years…AA is no better than the others…yes I’ve had bad service and was deplaned during the pilots temper tantrums, but the service etc is no worst than any of the others…I fly 3 airlines regularly…all the same. The question isn’t about the service, but the new look, and for that I say I like it…hope all the other stuff improves too (I do hate the MD80s…)