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Merger Supporters, Make Your Voices Heard

Merger Supporters, Make Your Voices Heard

In favor of the disputed American-US Airways merger?

Want to communicate your opposition to the Justice department’s pending lawsuit to block the merger?

Naturally, American wants you to do so. And, as befits a tech- and P.R.-savvy company, they’ve taken steps to ensure that the no pro-merger voice goes unheard.

In the Internet age’s version of a coordinated letter-writing campaign, American has put up a special “Take Action” webpage where merger supporters can quickly and easily personalize a boilerplate letter and have it forwarded on to politicians and lawmakers.

The pre-written part of the letter reads as follows:

I am writing to express my strong support for the combination of American Airlines and US Airways.

I am not alone — the widespread support for this merger underscores the fact that it is the right path forward for both airlines and the customers and communities they serve.

Let American and US Airways move forward with this merger so that consumers, communities and employees can begin to enjoy the benefits of the new American.

There’s a space in the middle of the template where you can write in your own reasons for supporting the merger.

The letter will be sent to politicians representing the sender’s state, chosen automatically based on his or her contact information.

American can’t be faulted for pressing its case. It’s the nature of corporations to do so, and American’s execution is smart and slick.

Too bad there isn’t a corresponding initiative from the Department of Justice, giving consumers an easy way to express their concerns about airline consolidation and oppose the merger.

That’s the letter I want to send.

Reader Reality Check

What message do you want to send decision-makers regarding the American merger?

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  • Himeno

    I might have supported the merger if it didn’t lead to Parker in charged.

  • jerrymandel

    DOJ says new AA will raise fares and cut service. How naive. Do they believe the two separate airlines wouldn’t raise fares and fees and cut service?