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JetBlue Sells Points with 50% Bonus

JetBlue Sells Points with 50% Bonus

JetBlue is selling frequent flyer points with a kicker: up to 50 percent more points for larger purchases.

Good deal, or just a better bad deal?

Offer Details

Through July 31, TrueBlue members will receive up to 50 percent more points when purchasing them for their own accounts or as gifts for other members, as follows:

  • Earn a 20 percent bonus when buying 2,000-9,500 points
  • Earn a 30 percent bonus when buying 10,000-19,500 points
  • Earn a 40 percent bonus when buying 20,000-29,500 points
  • Earn a 50 percent bonus when buying 30,000 points

Points are normally priced at approximately $37.63 per 1,000 points, or 3.8 cents each. Purchasing 45,000 points (30,000 points plus the 15,000 bonus points) for $1,129 would reduce the per-point price to about 2.5 cents.

Deal or No Deal

Since JetBlue’s program prices awards according to the market price of a comparable paid ticket, there’s no chance of squeezing outsized value from points by using them for extra-pricey award flights.

When redeemed for award flights on JetBlue, TrueBlue points are worth about 1.5 cents apiece, regardless of how they’re redeemed.

Bottom line: It simply doesn’t make sense to buy points for 2.5 cents each when they’re only worth 1.5 cents.

Reader Reality Check

Have you purchased miles or points directly from the airlines?

Did you get good value for them?

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