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Get Gift Cards for Holiday Inn Resorts Stays

Get Gift Cards for Holiday Inn Resorts Stays

Is a gift card a rebate? Sort of.

But as this promotion shows, it’s not equivalent to a cash rebate.

Offer Details

Between April 23 and June 30, Priority Club Rewards members can earn up to $100 in plane, train, or gas gift cards for qualifying Holiday Inn Resort stays, as follows:

  • 2-night stay = $25 gift card
  • 3-night stay = $50 gift card
  • 4-night stay = $75 gift card
  • 5-night stay or longer = $100 gift card

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

On paper, this looks like a mediocre deal. Assume the room nights are priced at $125. So two nights would cost $250, and a $25 gift card amounts to a 10 percent discount.

It looks even worse when you factor in the gift cards themselves, which are of limited utility and (as businesses well know and count on) are as likely as not to go unredeemed.

If you’re already committed to a stay at one of the 17 Holiday Inn Resort hotels in the U.S., Mexico, or the Caribbean, by all means register to receive a gift card. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a compelling incentive, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Reader Reality Check

How do you feel about gift cards as incentives?

Have you managed to get full value from gift cards in the past?

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