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Get a Southwest Bonus with Marriott Gift Cards

Get a Southwest Bonus with Marriott Gift Cards

Single-vendor gift cards are risky buys. If for any reason they’re not redeemed completely, the buyer will have overpaid by purchasing them at face value. And anyway, what’s the point of converting cash, which can be used to buy anything, for a gift card, which has limited utility?

Aside from gift-giving, when cash may be considered gauche, the only time gift cards make economic sense is when they’re offered at a discount to offset their risk and limited utility.

This bonus offer may be just such a case.

Offer Details

Through September 26, travelers can earn up to 12,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points when purchasing Marriott gift cards, as follows:

  • $100 gift card = 1,200 Rapid Reward points
  • $250 gift card = 3,000 Rapid Rewards points
  • $500 gift card = 6,000 Rapid Rewards points

Marriott gift cards may be used “for all purchases and services charged to a Marriott guest room.” The cards do not expire.

Deal or No Deal

When redeemed for Wanna Getaway fares, 60 Rapid Rewards points are worth $1. So buying $1,000 worth of gift cards would net $200 in airfare, effectively a 20 percent rebate.

That’s on top of whatever other discounts or bonuses you might receive for the stay purchased with the gift card.

The discount is solid. The risk is real. Proceed accordingly.

Reader Reality Check

Will you be buying Marriott gift cards?

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