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From United: a 1,000-Mile Stocking-Stuffer for Mobile Check-Ins

From United: a 1,000-Mile Stocking-Stuffer for Mobile Check-Ins

‘Tis the season for stocking-stuffers, and here’s one from United: an easy 1,000 frequent flyer miles for sampling the latest check-in technology.

Offer Details

Through December 31, Mileage Plus members can earn 1,000 bonus miles for checking in for a United or United Express flight on a smartphone, using the airline’s new mobile check-in app.

The process, as described by United, is simple:

  • Use the smartphone or other mobile device’s web browser to access
  • Check in for your flight.
  • Have your boarding pass sent to your smartphone via email, where it can be scanned both at security checkpoints and at the boarding gate. (Most airports, but not all, are equipped to accept mobile boarding passes.)

United’s mobile app also allows travelers to check flight status, choose seats, and review their Mileage Plus accounts.

To earn the bonus, registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

This is the future of managing travel, just as online booking from a home computer was more than a decade ago. So you might as well get used to it.

Plus it’s very cool.

There’s no good reason not to earn a bonus for test-driving the new technology.

Reader Reality Check

Have you used a mobile device to check in for a flight?

Any issues with the airline’s scanners reading the boarding pass from your smartphone’s screen?

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  • Jackie B

    I’ve done this on a recent trip for clearing security and for boarding. At the security line they had to turn the machine on (this was in Boston Logan Airport) because I was one of the few and they were saving energy. While boarding I had to shift it a few times before it would read. I worry because its not uncommon for me to run my iPhone battery completely down so I printed one as backup but didn’t need it this time.

  • austinflyguy

    I cannot find out where to register.
    Does anyone know?

  • Tim Winship

    austinflyguy – Follow this link,6867,53659,00.html and then click on the Register button.

  • coachboon

    Air Canada has been using this for sometime. I used it this past August without any issues. In fact, I didn’t even have to show a picture id. I did have a paper back up as this was my first time using it. I was traveling domestically. I’m not sure how it will work internationally. I liked it though.

  • used computer

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