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From British Airways: More Comfort for Fewer Frequent Flyer Miles

From British Airways: More Comfort for Fewer Frequent Flyer Miles

British Airways isn’t known for its award discounts.

So this new offer is both surprising, and surprisingly generous. (Annoyingly, and unnecessarily, the link requires logging in as an Executive Club member to view the promotion. So have your member info handy.)

Offer Details

Through December 13, members of British Airways’ Executive Club program can book a World Traveler Plus award ticket for the same number of miles normally required for a World Traveler award ticket. Award travel can take place any time between January 1 and June 30, 2011.

The ‘Plus’ here signifies British Airways’ premium coach product, which features a separate cabin, seats with 20 percent more legroom, no fee for two checked bags, and upgraded meal service.

Normally, a World Traveler Plus award ticket for travel between North America and London, for instance, is priced at 75,000 miles, versus 50,000 miles for basic coach. In that case, the promotion amounts to a hefty 33 percent discount.

Deal or No Deal

The worst thing that can be said about this promotion is actually a back-handed compliment: It ends too soon.

While not related specifically to the offer under review, the fees British Airways assesses for award travel undermine the value of anything associated with Executive Club. The fuel surcharges alone for an award trip between the U.S. and Europe amount to $141 for coach, $177 for premium coach, and $205 for business or first class.

Still, this promotion undeniably delivers more comfort for fewer miles. And that’s a winning combination.

Reader Reality Check

Any plans to take advantage of this offer?

More generally, what’s your experience been with the Executive Club program?


    executive club is great for anywhere in the world except Europe if you are looking for value.
    Great partner airlines. Patience is required to obtain business class tickets but they are available and have flown to australia, hongkong , japan and south america in business class on points

  • Tom Colthurst

    So we got this post on 12/15 but offer only good ’til 12/13???!!!

  • Shindig

    Nice timing on the info-two days too late. Is this meant to be humorous?

  • Tim Winship

    Shindig, Tom C. – Our coverage of the BA promotion appeared on the site on December 10, three days before the offer expired. Our policy is to feature all blog posts from the previous week in the newsletter. We’ve found that many readers want to keep tabs on their programs, including offers they may have missed qualifying for.