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Free Flights & Upgrades? There’s a University for That

Free Flights & Upgrades? There’s a University for That

In this digital age, it’s easy to forget that worthwhile learning and networking opportunities still sometimes take place in real time, in the real world.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a mileage maven. And if you’re a mileage maven, there’s a real-world learning opportunity that should be on your calendar: Frequent Traveler University.

Frequent Traveler University is a day-long series of workshops where, according to the website, "you’ll learn how to leverage the frequent flyer points that you are earning to get the best value and discover how the other half lives."

Among the topics covered:

  • Flying nonstop can sometimes be nonsense … learn to maximize mileage earning.
  • Airline programs across the pond could be better than the ones across town … learn who really values your loyalty.
  • Converting your mileage award request from ‘no!’ to ‘no problem’ … learn the art of redeeming miles.
  • Wallet-sized precious metals … learn why platinum and gold are paved with travel riches.

Program Details

Where: Sheraton LaGuardia East, Flushing, New York

When: Saturday, April 30. On Friday evening, April 29, there’s a cocktail reception hosted by Randy Petersen, publisher of Inside Flyer and several frequent flyer-focused websites.

How Much: $49, including breakfast and lunch. Special rates are available for those who want to stay at the Sheraton LaGuardia East hotel.

Deal or No Deal

For the price, you can’t go wrong, especially if you’re already in the New York area. Even if you had to fly in for the event, the value of the information—in future travel savings and enhanced travel comfort—would likely far exceed the expenses incurred.

Reader Reality Check

Is this event on your calendar?

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  • Carol Kelsen

    Please have one in Dallas.

  • Debbie Shepler

    Why not offer it online?

  • dotti

    need one in florida toooo

  • Doug

    I agree with Debbie! Please offer it online.

  • BA

    and one in washington, DC

  • stacie


  • beth

    offer it as a webinar

  • Karen

    Have one in Seattle! Or online as an alternative.

  • Marie Lee

    I concur with above comments. Online, please.

  • Mary

    chicago or online!

  • William Hawkins

    I agree, please have one in Dallas

  • Susan

    What about San Francisco?

  • Nebular_Novice

    Doesn’t anyone want to know whether this “University” has something to teach before requesting a convenient location?

    Without knowing a lot more, I wouldn’t spend the $49 if it were next door.

  • Jason

    Well DUH Everyone,
    It is a mileage run to NYC to get you started. Apparently a lot of you will need to do extra homework to pass the class LOL
    Thanks Randy, what a great idea.

  • lushin

    thumbs up, Jason!
    i thought nobody would realize.. xD

  • John Hall

    Please have it online. Traveling to NY, not knowing exactly what one is going to get out of it, isn’t very practical.

  • Travels from Colorado

    Denver or On Line

  • Bill Ouchark

    Does anyone know if this is still on, or filled? I tried to register and received a “file not found” error.