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Earn Up to 3,000 American Bonus Miles for Budget Rentals

Earn Up to 3,000 American Bonus Miles for Budget Rentals

Rental car companies have as a group adopted a single strategy governing their participation in airline loyalty programs. First, they establish a very low normal earning rate for rentals. Then, they routinely offer bonuses of double, triple, or quadruple the “normal” earning rate. It’s the inverse of a certain men’s clothing store that sets its “suggested retail” prices high, and then constantly advertises “Sale, Sale, Sale” or “Buy One, Get One Free.” The sale prices are the normal prices.

It’s cheesy marketing, to be sure, but apparently effective in some industries.

But in the case of rental-car companies, not so much. Even with the bonuses, the miles earned are mostly inconsequential.

This new offer from Budget, however, is extra-generous enough to warrant a second look.

Offer Details

Between February 21 and April 30, AAdvantage members can earn up to 3,000 bonus miles for qualifying Budget rentals at U.S. airport locations, as follows:

  • Earn 750 bonus miles for rentals of two days.
  • Earn 1,500 bonus miles for rentals of three or four days.
  • Earn 3,000 bonus miles for rentals of five or more days.

Cite coupon number MUAZ062 when booking to receive the bonus miles.

There’s also a discount of “up to 30%” when using discount code U072422.

Deal or No Deal

AAdvantage members normally earn 50 miles per day when renting from Budget. These bonuses increase the mileage payout from paltry to significant.

AAdvantage members with car rentals on their upcoming travel agendas would do well to consider this offer from Budget.

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