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Earn United Miles Plus a Discount at Groupon

Earn United Miles Plus a Discount at Groupon

What’s better than a discount or a bonus? How about a discount and a bonus?

The latest addition to United’s Mileage Plus Shopping mall is Groupon, the popular website that offers daily discounts from local businesses in many larger U.S. cities.

Offer Details

Mileage Plus members who participate in Mileage Plus Shopping can now earn six miles per $1 spent at Groupon.

Here’s how:

  • Log in to Mileage Plus Shopping with your Mileage Plus credentials.
  • Use the search box to find Groupon.
  • Click "Shop Now" to go to the Groupon site.
  • Confirm your location if you’re not an established Groupon user.
  • Shop and earn.

Deal or No Deal

Considering that the miles are earned for products and services that are already heavily discounted, any bonus represents a nice value-add.

And compared to the mileage payout from many other Mileage Plus Shopping merchants, six miles per $1 is well above average.

According to Groupon’s website, the company "features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 markets and 44 countries, and soon beyond (read: Space)." If Groupon delivers deals in your area, and you’re vested in Mileage Plus, this is a terrific opportunity to combine substantial savings with a respectable mileage bonus.

Note: Members of the programs of American and Delta may also earn miles when shopping at Groupon–eight miles per $1 with American, five miles per $1 at Delta.

Reader Reality Check

A deal and a bonus—what’s not to like?

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    Good deal. AAdvantage shopping offers 8 miles per dollar right now too.

  • Rae

    What an awesome deal!! I use Groupon all the time, and this is just an added incentive. One question, though — I can’t find out how to access the deal through Delta’s website. I tried entering ‘Groupon’ in the site search box after logging in and everything. Hopefully I’m not missing something totally obvious. A little help, please? :)

  • Rae

    Ok, got it — I had to enter the Skymiles Mall website first and *then* search for Groupon. An interesting side note: As of 3/19, Delta is offering 7 miles per Groupon dollar, instead of 5 (perhaps as a response to United’s offer)!

  • MFC1K2Fly

    I did not know that! Thanks Randy MFC1K2fly