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Earn Double Points on All Southwest Flights

Earn Double Points on All Southwest Flights

You know it’s low season for air travel when Southwest — or any airline for that matter — offers double points not just for travel on select distressed routes but for every flight across its entire network.

Offer Details

Between February 4 and May 15, Rapid Rewards members can earn double points on every credit-eligible Southwest flight.

With the bonus, program members will earn 12 points per dollar spent on Wanna Get Away? fares, 20 points per dollar spent on Anytime fares, and 24 points per dollar spent on Business Select fares.

In addition to the double points systemwide, flights originating or terminating in Milwaukee will earn double elite-qualifying points during the promotion period.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Double points. Good.

Applicable to all routes. Really good.

A three-month promotion period. Again, really good.

No limit on the number of points that may be earned. Great.

If you’re a Southwest partisan, this promotion is a solid opportunity to pad your Rapid Rewards account, especially if you’re flying on pricier tickets. If you’re on the fence about Southwest, the bonus points might just be enough to nudge you in their direction.

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