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Earn Double Miles for Charges to Delta Credit Cards

I can’t recall another frequent flyer promotion that offered double miles for credit card use, but only if the cardholder redeems a set number of miles. That, however, is the rather quirky premise of Delta’s new Bounce Back promotion.

Offer Details

Between July 1 and September 30, Delta SkyMiles credit card holders will earn double miles for all eligible charges to their cards, except for purchases of Delta tickets, which will earn triple miles.

To qualify to earn the credit card bonuses, SkyMiles members must redeem at least 10,000 miles during the promotion period.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Delta apparently wants SkyMiles members to redeem their miles. If not, why would they make that a precondition for earning the credit card bonus?

Getting the mileage liability off its books is an obvious financial good for the airline. But I suspect that’s not the primary motivator here. Delta has come in for considerable criticism and scrutiny lately, due to a widespread perception that miles are difficult to redeem, especially for cheaper awards.

Delta has assured me—and other journalists as well, no doubt—that the charge of scarce award availability is false. If awards are indeed readily available, as Delta claims, pushing program members in the direction of redemption is one way to get that message out.

So, back story aside, is this a worthwhile offer?

If you’re a Delta loyalist who’s already planning to redeem enough miles to qualify for the bonus, and you already have a SkyMiles credit card in your wallet, the extra miles will certainly take you further down your chosen road.

No doubt Delta—or more accurately American Express, which issues the Delta credit card—hopes this promotion will encourage more card sign-ups. And for SkyMiles members who are on the fence about committing to the program’s credit card, this might indeed be a difference-maker.

But for those who aren’t already invested in Delta or SkyMiles, the bonus miles aren’t reason enough to realign their overall loyalty strategy.

Reader Reality Check

If you’re a SkyMiles member, do you plan to register for this offer?

If you don’t already have a SkyMiles credit card, are the bonus miles incentive enough to add a new credit card to your collection?

And if you’re not already a member of the SkyMiles program, is this offer sufficient reason to sign up for the program, and the credit card?

  • Bhrtg

    I am Million Miler, Delta reserve Card holder & was Platinum Medallion & now gold Medallion. Have 800,000 miles & in last 2 years haven’t been able to book any awards for lower mileage. Have taken my Business to Continental which matched Elite Status & Using miles is a breeze in continental.

  • Ina Rosenthal

    Just after midnight June 30 I purchased a RT ticket to San Fransico for 40,000 miles. I am a Platnum American Express Skymile member since 1985. How can I get in on the triple miles deal?

  • Chris Cooke

    I’ve redeemed miles for several awards this year. While it’s difficult to get trips at the lowest mileage tier level, it’s relatively easy to get awards at the middle tier. Of course, awards at the highest tier are always available.

    I recently “bought” two tickets from SAN-SYD using Delta’s “Pay By Miles” feature. While the tickets cost me 75,000 miles each, the best award ticket for a coach seat would of been over 100,000 miles. So for those people that qualify, Pay By Miles can a better deal than a straight mileage award.

  • Bill Doran

    Frankly I do not trust Delta or any airline to offer any program that rewards the customer.Delta will benefit a lot more thanthe customer . I bet they are betting alot of people will sign up and not redeem muiles but put more purchases on their Delta card and not get the double miles

  • SooTsong Lim

    I have been Delta Gold and NorthWest Platinum Medallion for several years, and recently got to Delta Platinum Medallion level. My experience on redeeming the lowest tier award is 10%. Middle tier is available most of the time (50%). Compare to American Airlines which allow members to redeem the miles for one way ticket on any airline in the program, or United which allows members to redeem one way on United only, Delta’s program seems to be very limited in availability and restrictions. I wish Delta will do the one way mileage redemption.

  • J Bauman

    Delta has a real problem. The award availability sucks, and the low-level tier of 60K for US – Brazil for example, is already higher than American’s 40K…. That is if it is ever even available.

  • B Nel

    Where I live, Delta is the about the only game in town to get to my destinations. Before they bought Northwest there was a bit of competition but not much.

    Redeeming miles for the lowest amount is nearly impossible. The middle tier is a bit easier but still not always the dates or flights wanted or needed. It is very frustrating that it seems the best connections and flight times are either only at the top point price or not even listed.

    I’m glad that at least one person thinks the ‘pay with miles’ option is a good choice. Whenever I have done the math between using all miles or a combination of miles and money, the value of the miles is less with the latter option.

    I agree that the Delta program is overly restrictive and lacks many of the features of other airline FF programs. If there were any other options that did not penalize me for time and flight costs I would be using it!

  • Romadaro

    Delta’s Medallion Program is the worst in the industry as far as award availability, coupled with the poor mixture of airlines in the SkyMiles Program. Only USAirways is worse, but it’s lack of award availability is limited to it’s own metal. As a member of the Star Alliance, at least you can redeem US miles on the other Star carriers, which has been a breeze. I have had a half million SkyMiles sitting in my Delta account about 5 years because I can never find an award ticket at the lower mileage level and I don’t beieve just giving them away! Thank God that Continental got out of SkyMiles when they did. The Sky Alliance is nothing more than a cult of third world airlines.

  • Douglas Ary

    I am a Delta Platinum Medallion flyer. I have not had a problem redeeming miles for the trips I’ve done. Of course they haven’t been exotic places, but it’s worked for me. I have found that the “Pay By Miles” option gives me better choices at lower mileage values. That seems weird that I can get better choices by being an American Express card holder than I can get as a Platinum Medallion flyer? Case in point, was looking for tickets as Platinum Medallion flyer on Delta’s website. Cheapest were 37500 and not the best times. With Pay By Miles, was able to do it for 25K and $10 and get the schedule I wanted….Go figure?

  • Jack

    Last month my wife and I flew to Ireland on Delta from Atlanta and I was able to redeem one roundtrip coach ticket for this trip. On the return flight from Ireland, we were both upgraded to business class without requesting it and at no additional cost. I have been an American Express SKYMILES member since 1991 and although we have not had ocassion to fly Delta much during the past few years, we’ve always been able to redeem at least one roundtrip ticket when we did thanks to Delta Skymiles. I will gladly sign up for this promotion.

  • Elisha

    Why would you not register? If you can get some additional miles, great, if not all you have lost is 1 minute of your time.

    No clue why the guys above can’t redeem miles, maybe they can’t take the time to learn how…I have found that I can redeem miles or use pay by miles as well and sometimes get better deals and times with the pay by miles like Jack above states. Most of the time I am using my miles for family members, so not only am I finding these so called elusive tickets 3 or 4 times a year, I am finding 2 of them!

    Currently a Diamond flyer.

  • j

    if you pay with money and miles, you don’t get any mileage award for your trip

  • 4blokes

    I have NEVER been able to redeem any award on Delta at the lowest tier, even when it is indicated as available in the preliminary search. Very bait and switch. Partner awards are not even possible online. The program has so many drawbacks compared to others and I am sorry I ever started earning Skymiles. Paying for an AMEX card might be the only way from the sound of the comments here.

  • sl

    Funny that some of you are having so much touble with Delta. By being just a little bit flexible re flight times, and not waiting till the last minute to book, I have always gotten on. In my book, getting mileage tickets on American is by far the more difficult — I have even tried to book 2 months in advance and have been told there are no seats at any time even a day before or a day after. I DO have to give American credit for its one-way plan now, as that has made bookings much less difficult.