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Earn Delta Elite-Qualifying Miles for Hilton Stays

As a rule, airline miles earned for hotel stays do not count toward elite status—they’re redeemable miles, but not elite-qualifying miles (EQMs).

But these aren’t normal times, and rules are broken as often as they’re observed.

Case in point: Hilton’s latest bonus offer for members of Delta’s SkyMiles program.

Offer Details

Between September 1 and December 10, HHonors members who complete one stay of at least two nights at any of 3,600-plus Hilton family hotels will earn a combination of Delta redeemable miles and EQMs depending on their earning preference, as follows:

  • HHonors members who choose variable miles will earn one bonus mile plus one EQM for every dollar spent on qualifying stays, up to a maximum of 10,000 EQMs.
  • HHonors members who choose fixed miles will earn 500 bonus miles plus 500 EQMs per stay.

To earn one of the bonuses, HHonors members must choose to earn points and miles, and indicate Delta as their chosen airline program in their program account profiles.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Double redeemable miles make for an average promotion. The addition of the EQMs makes this decidedly above average, especially for SkyMiles members who might otherwise fall just short of elite status.

Needless to say, if you’re not a Delta partisan, this offer is a non-starter. For those with other airline loyalties, or who prefer to earn only HHonors points, Hilton also has a double miles or points promotion in effect through September 30.

Reader Reality Check

Is this offer a difference-maker for you?

  • Terese

    Anyone else having trouble accessing this deal? When I click on the Skymiles offer and go to the Hilton site- I keep getting error msgs. Grr- hate having to call Hilton. I called earlier today, and the agent didn’t know a thing about the Delta offer.

  • Irv Westheimer

    Since I am about to change jobs and will be flying to work again, the addition of EQMs is a deal maker for me. I know how much difference even Silver Elite makes when it comes to room for carry-ons, the odd upgrade, etc., so I signed up as soon as I saw it.

  • SSheinfeld

    It is not 2 stays required but 1 2 nite stay the way I read the rules ??

  • Tim Winship

    SSheinfeld – Correct! I’ve reworded it to make that clear in case there was any ambiguity.

  • Lois

    I was hoping to use this promotion in the past to help get to the next medallion level which ended 12/31 and the miles were not deposited into my account until the following year. I talked to the medallion desk and was referred to the fine print which states that the miles will be deposited 4-6 weeks AFTER the end of the promotion. So, the moral of the story is that although this is a good promotion, its good for next year!

  • Jr

    Yes it does, my wife is just short of the next level, we will trybthis to make it

  • Doc

    Okay . . .wait a minute. Is it stayS (meaning everytime you stay in a Hilton group hotel for two nights bet 9-1 & 12-10 you get the EQMs) -OR- is it staY – – (meaning if you stay twenty times for two nights bet 9-1 & 12-10 you get ONLY ONE stay credited with EQMs)???

  • Tim Winship

    Doc – The bonus is for every stay of 2 or more nights, up to a maximum of 10,000 Delta elite-qualifying miles.