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Earn 5,000 Bonus Miles for 3 US Air Shuttle Flights

Earn 5,000 Bonus Miles for 3 US Air Shuttle Flights

US Airways has been fiddling with various combinations of flight requirements and bonus-mile incentives on its Shuttle flights for some time.

Most recently, during the month of February, it was a 1,000-mile bonus for every flight. Before that, between November 1, 2012, and January 31, 2013, the offer was up to 18,000 bonus miles after six Shuttle flights. And so on.

Another day, another Shuttle bonus …

Offer Details

Through May 31, Dividend Miles members can earn 5,000 bonus miles after every three one-way US Airways Shuttle flights between New York and Boston or Washington, D.C. The bonus applies to Shuttle flights whether they’re flown independently or as part of a longer itinerary.

A maximum of 50,000 bonus miles can be earned during the promotion.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Shuttle flights normally earn 500 miles per segment, the minimum for shorter flights in US Airways’ Dividend Miles program. With the bonus, you’ll earn 6,500 miles for three Shuttle flights, or a bit more than quadruple miles.

Delta has chosen not to match US Airways’ recent Shuttle bonuses, so this offer is probably as good as it will get during the promotion period.

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