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Drive Away With a Big Delta Bonus for Hertz Rentals

Drive Away With a Big Delta Bonus for Hertz Rentals

There aren’t that many car rental promotions worth mentioning. Rental-car companies mostly participate in airline programs half-heartedly, because they can’t afford not to.

There is the occasional exception to that general rule. This is one of them.

Offer Details

Through November 30, Delta SkyMiles members can earn 3,400 miles, or more, when renting from Hertz.

The bonuses vary according to the length of the rental, as follows:

  • Days 1, 2 – 500 bonus miles
  • Days 3, 4 – 900 bonus miles
  • Days 5 or more – 2,000 bonus miles

Non-elite members normally earn 100 miles per day. So with the bonuses, a seven-day rental would net 2,700 miles. Elite members earn 200 miles per day, so with the bonuses 3,400 miles after seven days.

There’s also a discount of up to 40 percent when using the special discount and promotion booking codes.

If booking by phone, mention discount CDP 165385, PC 170166, and your SkyMiles number.

Deal or No Deal

Although competitive with other rental-car partners, which mostly award only 50 miles per day, Hertz’s normal 100-mile-per-day earning rate is almost laughably meager. Even the elite rate, at twice that, is a yawner.

The bonuses, however, which in some cases quintuple the normal payout, could be a game-changer.

Hertz’s rates do tend to be on the high side, so be sure to compare rates at other rental providers to be sure you’re not overpaying to earn the miles.

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