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Double, Triple Miles for Anchorage Flights

Double, Triple Miles for Anchorage Flights

Headed for Anchorage?

If so, your first thought is likely to be of Alaska Airlines. But there’s at least one other scrappy contender in the market, JetBlue. And both airlines are offering frequent flyer bonuses for Anchorage flights.

Offer Details

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is offering Mileage Plan members triple miles for selected nonstop flights between Seattle and Anchorage completed between May 16 and September 3.

Qualifying flights are as follows:

  • Flights departing Seattle between 7:45 p.m. and 8:45 p.m.
  • Flights departing Anchorage between 10:30 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Registration is required.


JetBlue is offering TrueBlue members triple points for nonstop JetBlue flights between Seattle or Long Beach and Anchorage completed between May 16 and October 15.

(TrueBlue members normally earn three points per $1 spent on JetBlue flights, plus an additional three points per $1 if the flights are booked on JetBlue’s website. The bonus multiplier only applies to the base three points, not the booking bonus. So including the bonus, program members who book on will earn 12 points per $1 spent rather than six points.)

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Alaska Airlines’ offer is more generous. But it’s restricted to flights departing at what might be inconvenient times for many travelers.

For most TrueBlue members, the offer amounts to double the number of points they’d normally earn, versus Alaska Airlines’ triple miles. But the bonus is in effect longer, and it applies to flights between Long Beach and Anchorage as well.

Either way, summer travel to Anchorage will be extra-rewarding.

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