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Double-Check Your Post-Sandy Flight Bookings

Double-Check Your Post-Sandy Flight Bookings

Hurricane Sandy may be behind us, but the effects linger. It will probably be some time this weekend before all affected airports are fully operational and the airlines come close to getting their flights back on published schedules. In the meantime, airlines are doing whatever they can to both service normal travel demand and reaccommodate travelers whose flights were cancelled due to Sandy, including some creative airport-switching. JetBlue, for example, posted the following on its Twitter feed:

NOTICE: All JetBlue flights originally scheduled to depart New York/LaGuardia LGA on 11/1, will depart from New York/JFK airport.

From the standpoint of travelers who just want to get on with their trips, any airport is a good airport. But if you’re unaware of an airport change and arrive at Airport A for a flight that has been relocated to Airport B, you’re in worse shape than you would have been with a flight that remained cancelled outright.

The same applies to flights arriving at affected airports if, for instance, you have friends meeting you or have a car service retained to pick you up.

So, if you are scheduled to depart from or arrive at one of the compromised airports today or over the next few days, double-check your bookings, either online or with the airline’s reservations center, paying particular attention to any airport changes.

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