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Delta Offers Bonuses for Airport Lounge Memberships

Delta Offers Bonuses for Airport Lounge Memberships

Through December 31, Delta customers who purchase an annual Sky Club airport lounge membership can choose to receive either an extra two months of Sky Club membership for free or 1,500 elite-qualifying miles. For new members, the $50 initiation fee will be waived. The bonus applies to new or renewing one-year, three-year, or joint memberships purchased at the same time as the primary membership.

To get the additional two months free, use promotion code SC2MO. To get the 1,500 elite-qualifying miles, use promotion code SCMQM.

Deal or No Deal

The bonuses certainly sweeten the deal for lounge membership. But ultimately, the purchase decision still comes down to two considerations: cost and usability. Prices for annual Sky Club memberships are as follows:

  • General SkyMiles member – $450
  • Silver Medallion member – $400
  • Gold Medallion member – $350
  • Platinum Medallion member – $300
  • Diamond Medallion member – Complimentary

The utility of a lounge membership depends on your travel patterns and how many of the airports you transit have Sky Club lounges. Delta has 246 lounges worldwide, but if they’re not located in the airports you fly from, that’s moot.

The other usability component is frequency: How often do you fly? If it’s only several times a year, you don’t need an annual membership when day passes are available for $50.

If everything aligns — you travel frequently from airports with Sky Club lounges and can afford the annual lounge fee — then lounge membership is a justifiable expense. All that remains is to decide which bonus to choose.

Reader Reality Check

Do you pay for lounge membership? Is it worth it?

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