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Delta Now Wants to Be Alaska’s Hometown Carrier

Delta Now Wants to Be Alaska’s Hometown Carrier

Apparently not content to limit its savaging of Alaska Airlines to its home airport and primary hub, Seattle, Delta is aiming to displace Alaska Air as the airline of choice in the state of Alaska as well.

To increase its share of Alaska travelers (most of whom have traditionally been Alaska Air customers), Delta is offering Alaska residents the following incentives:

  • Two free checked bags through December 31
  • 60 days of complimentary Silver elite status, extendable through February 2015 by earning 4,000 elite miles or four segments, or upgradeable to Gold by earning 8,000 elite miles or eight segments
  • One-time 30% discount for a full-Y ticket booked by December 31
  • $25 e-certificate for purchasing an Economy Comfort ticket by December 31

Although there hasn’t yet been a competitive counter-response from Alaska, it’s a safe bet there will be one.

It’s a great day to be a frequently-flying Alaska native!

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  • Tony

    @Tim, check out AS’s “Club 49”. With the exception of the Silver Elite offer, AS has been offering similar benefits to AK resikdents for years!

  • Tim Winship

    Thanks, Tony. First I’ve heard of Club 49 — it was obviously the template for DL’s promotion.

  • Paul Martin

    Delta had a lot of hoopla happening at the Anchorage airport this past week with like 20 Delta employees giving out cookies and giveaways.

  • Kootur

    To those in Alaska be careful on delta. The delta pilots don’t have the same skill set or experience flying in Alaska like true Alaskan pilots do. The average delta pilot is an arrogant navy academy grad who panics when something minor happens on a trans con. How do you expect them to fly into the challenging airport of Alaska?

  • Cameron Tu

    What a naive comment.

  • Cameron Tu

    Not to mention that impromptu $10,000 donation to the City of Juneau to keep an important piece of JNU’s culture intact (swimming pool).

  • Synn

    What a stupid comment.

    Delta has been flying to Alaska for decades, and has one of the safest records of any airline on Earth. Get real.

  • nygard1

    Over the past 32 years I have flown over two million miles on Alaska, Wien Air Alaska, MarkAir, Western, Delta, Continental, United, American, US Air, America West, and Southwest. Who would I want to fly on in a snow storm in or out of Kotzebue if I had the choice between Delta and Alaska??

    Alaska – ANY day of the week – hands down!!

  • Tyrone Ward

    Not really all that worried about it (at the moment). Alaska can put up a pretty good fight. If Alaska hasn´t done it already, I would highly recommend that they get really hot and heavy with getting those corporate contracts locked down and in their favor in the Sea-Tac area, as well as Portland. There is more to defending your turf than just providing service. A significant part to having a fortress base has quite a bit to do with how entrenched you are and how interwoven you are into the local economy. Whatever may be the ebb and flow of the local economy, you control the air traffic. I am pretty sure someone at Alaska has already had the thought of doing this and it´s probably already done. I flew Alaska twice, and it was a pleasant experience. Nice airline.

  • nick4454

    Doesn’t matter in this day and age, on a “mainline” airline like AS or DL the guys up front are just mindless drones.