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Business-Class to Europe for $1375? Buy US Airways Miles!

Business-Class to Europe for $1375? Buy US Airways Miles!

The last time US Airways offered its much-discussed 100-percent bonus for purchasing miles was late last year.

When that offer was not extended—as it had been on several previous occasions—there was some question as to whether consumers had seen the last of the uber-lucrative promotion. Perhaps the airline had decided that the bonus was just too generous.

After a couple of months’ hiatus, however, the offer is back, albeit with a new wrinkle.

Offer Details

Through March 31, US Airways Dividend Miles members can earn a 100 percent bonus on purchased miles, as follows:

  • Earn a 75 percent bonus for all purchases, up to the maximum.
  • Earn an additional 25 percent bonus by downloading, installing, and using the Dividend Miles toolbar at least three times during the promotion period.

A maximum of 50,000 miles are eligible for the bonus, so 100,000 miles may be purchased for $1,375 if both requirements are fulfilled to earn the full 100 percent bonus.

A couple of restrictions to bear in mind:

  • "Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift miles."
  • "Members who did not have a United States or Puerto Rico address on file as of 2/1/2011 are not eligible to receive the 25 percent additional bonus regardless of address updates."

Deal or No Deal

Compared to US Airways’ past 100-percent bonuses, this one suffers slightly from the requirement to test drive the airline’s toolbar to earn the final 25 percent.

Still, that’s an easy enough hoop to jump through, and well worth the time and energy for anyone interested in cost-effectively scoring a large cache of US Airways miles.

And this promotion delivers solid value.

For perspective, 100,000 miles is enough for a restricted business-class award ticket to Europe or South America, on US Airways or a Star Alliance partner airline.

A quick check on Travelocity showed business-class fares to Frankfurt, Germany, from Los Angeles as high as $10,918 for non-stops on United and Lufthansa, and $8,871 for one-stop flights on US Airways.

Pay $1,375 for a flight that would otherwise cost $10,918? Even factoring in the hassle factor of finding award seats available for booking at the restricted 100,000-mile level, that looks like a sweet deal.

‘Nuf said.

Reader Reality Check

Have you taken advantage of previous US Airways buy-miles bonuses?

If so, how did you redeem the purchased miles? How available were award seats?

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  • Don S.

    I’ve purchased US Airways miles twice under this “twofer” deal and used them for international trips in business class. I’ve obtained seats many months in advance and sometimes on circuitous routes. You need to add about $300 to the purchase price for the miles for a one-time transfer fee and federal tax.

  • Juan

    Yes you will be flying US airways business which may be equal to economy in many other airlines. Just checked toronto to capetown , busiess fares are all 14000 plus, US and United , 6000. Given a choice i would not even consider US or United.

  • Ron

    How doyou come up with the extra $300. The final cost to buy 50,000 + 37,500 Bonus miles is $1,478.12 (including taxes/fees), which is only $103 more than the cost of the miles.

  • Don S.

    To add to my previous comment – I’ve yet to fly on a US Airways flight using their miles instead to fly on partner airlines. All my flights have been on these other airlines and business class has been excellent! Also, US Airways often requires fewer miles for business class than their partners.

  • deRuiter

    Just bought the miles because of seeing this article. Sounds like a great deal. Will attempt to book restricted business class ticket to Germany and let you know how that works.

  • sanford ellowitz

    I have used this special to buy miles several times (enough for business class seats for New York to Tokyo and New York to Capetown.)

    It is a substantial savings compared to buying business class seats,(and not too much more than economy seats for many very long flights) but you have to work around all the usual airline restrictions on frequent flyer awards.

    These are getting less frequent, even though there are more ways to get miles. It helps to be flexible and use the miles to go to places that aren’t too popular as award destinations (eg. Hawaii) or at busy times of the year (holidays, school vacations, etc.)
    If you are unsure of the availability of award tickets for your preferred destination, you can check with the USAir first. If the seats are available, they will put a hold on the seats for you for three days, as long as you have a mileage account. You can then purchase the miles and complete the transaction.

  • greg

    I think a bussiness class to Europe trip is in order for me this year. Is the “twofer” deal still going on at all?