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British Airways Brings Back the New York Dining Discount

British Airways Brings Back the New York Dining Discount

Although neither British Airways nor Chase is willing to divulge the exact numbers, we know that many, many consumers signed up for the British Airways Visa credit card in response to the ultra-lucrative 100,000-mile credit card enrollment offer in 2010.

To keep those new cardholders engaged and reaching for their cards, post-promotion, British Airways and Chase, the card issuer, rolled out a novel promotion offering a $100 credit for using the card to charge two meals at select New York City restaurants.

That offer was extended through the end of last year. And it has been extended yet again, this time well into summer 2012.

Offers Details

Through July 31, British Airways Visa credit card holders will receive a $50 statement credit when using their cards to charge meals at any New York restaurant with a star rating from the 2012 Michelin Guide. (Michelin awards one, two, or three stars to the top-rated restaurants. Needless to say, star-rated establishments also tend to be among the most expensive.)

There’s limit of two credits per card, for a total of $100. The bill for each qualifying meal must total at least $50.

To whet your appetite, here’s a list of the Michelin three-star restaurants in New York:

  • Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare
  • Daniel
  • Eleven Madison Park
  • Jean Georges
  • Le Bernardin
  • Masa
  • Per Se

Note that Peter Luger, the popular one-star Brooklyn steakhouse, doesn’t accept credit cards and therefore is not included in the promotion.

Deal or No Deal

Many of the supposed extras that come bundled with credit cards are more marketing hype than substance.

If your travels take you to New York City, however, and you have a hankering for haute cuisine, this promotion delivers a meaningful discount on a memorable experience.

Is this a reason to sign up for the British Airways Visa card? Not at all—British Airways’ Executive Club has come in for considerable criticism recently for the sky-high fuel charges imposed on award tickets. And the value of a co-branded credit card ultimately depends on the value of the loyalty program it’s linked to.

But if you already have one, the nice rebate is certainly a compelling reason to plunk down your British Airways Visa card after a pricey meal in New York.

Reader Reality Check

Do you have a British Airways Visa card? Is this offer reason enough to use it?

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