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Best Western Offers Bonus Miles, Cash Cards for Spring Stays

Best Western Offers Bonus Miles, Cash Cards for Spring Stays

As the hotels’ winter promotions come to a close, the first of the spring promotions are upon us.

Best Western’s second-quarter promotion, called Jump Start to Summer, is a messy affair, with more moving parts than a 747. It’s really three different offers, plus a sweepstakes, with extras thrown in for new program members and Best Western credit card-holders.

Offer Details

Airline miles

Between April 17 and June 5, members of Best Western Rewards can earn bonus American AAdvantage or Aeroplan miles for qualifying stays, as follows:

  • 500 bonus miles for the first stay
  • 750 miles for the second stay
  • 1,000 miles for the third and subsequent stays

To earn one of the bonuses, members must register and choose AAdvantage or Aeroplan miles as their earning preference.

New members who enroll during the promotion period and register for the promotion will earn an additional 250 bonus miles in the programs of American or Aeroplan, depending on which program they designate for their earning preference.

Or a gift card

Alternatively, Best Western Rewards members can earn a $50 Best Western Travel Card after completing three stays during the same period.

The travel card may only be earned once per member, and must be used for a Best Western stay by November 1, 2011.

If the three qualifying stays are charged to a Best Western Rewards MasterCard, members will also earn 6,500 Rewards points.

Registration is required.

And a sweepstakes

Extending the 65 theme—it’s Best Western’s 65th birthday—everyone who registers for any of the above offers will be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a $65 Best Western Travel Card in a daily drawing. And those who complete two stays at two different Best Western branded hotels will also be entered to win the grand prize of 6.5 million Best Western Rewards points, or one of five first prizes, $650 travel cards.

Deal or No Deal

The bonus miles and the travel card offers are mutually exclusive—you can register to earn one but not both. So the question of their relative values has to be faced.

While neither offer is particularly rich, the miles are the better choice for many and probably for most.

The travel card can only be used for Best Western stays, and it must be used by November 1. Those limitations significantly restrict its value.

Airline miles, on the other hand, have a potentially unlimited shelf life, and can be redeemed for a multitude of awards.

Reader Reality Check

Bonus miles or a $50 travel card?

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  • hm

    If I have to choose, I will choose Bonus miles because, as it was pointed out, miles have a potentially unlimited shelf life.

    A $50 travel card could turn out to be nothing. I have a story. In summer 2009, I drove up and down along “95” on the east coast (I am a Californian), stayed at Best Western establishments, and earned a free-night voucher (actually a 16000-point voucher). There was NO 16000-point hotel. If I used the voucher, we would have to pay additional 4000 points for a room (=$40). I was misled that after the voucher expired, a replacement voucher would be issued; it was told to my wife as she had a voucher too and as she made the call. After the voucher expiration date, I was told that BW did not want to reissue the voucher, resulting in the voucher useless.

    In short, be careful; there is NO DEAL to me.