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And the Airline of the Year Is …

And the Airline of the Year Is …

Air Transport World yesterday announced the winners of its 39th Airline Industry Achievement Awards.

And the airline of the year is … drumroll, please … All Nippon Airways.

According to ATW: “Japan-based ANA is being honored for its exceptional financial performance, fiscal management, customer service and technology leadership that set the bar for the entire global airline industry.”

As the award criteria would suggest, ATW is an industry trade publication, written for and read mostly by airline employees, industry consultants, and the like. So although customer service and other traveler concerns are among the judging considerations, the focus is on overall business achievement, including financial and technological accomplishments.

The publication has a notably global focus, as evidenced by other winners of this year’s awards:

  • Value Airline of the Year: Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling
  • Regional Airline of the Year: Florida-based Silver Airways
  • Airline Technology Leadership: German flagship Deutsche Lufthansa
  • Airline Market Leadership: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Joseph S. Murphy Lifetime Achievement Award: Jurgen Weber, former Lufthansa CEO and Star Alliance founder
  • Aviation Technology: Sweden’s CTT Systems

Congratulations to ANA.

Disclosure: For a 10-year period, ending in 1997, I worked for ANA as a marketing executive based in the airline’s Los Angeles office.

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Have you flown on ANA?

Would it be your choice for airline of the year?

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  • Sarfa33

    JAL’s fiscal performance last year surpassed ANA’s; in fact, it surpassed any other airline in the world’s. As for “technology leadership”, I can only assume they are referring to being the launch customer for the 787, but we see now how that’s turning out…

  • Yasuo

    agree. this was most likely a bribe from Ito san. then again, it awards an airline like silver as regional. so maybe, whn the award gets to them from the belly of the UA 777 they will know. I like ANA but now days, too proud, boastful. Turning into an old JAL.

  • KenKadz

    I flew ANA a few years ago on a round trip from LAX to BKK.
    The seating and food was so bad that after attempting to ‘upgrade’ my ticket which ANA refused to do. I bought a return ticket (BKK to LAX) on another airline and forfeited the ANA ticket.