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American Offers Mileage Bonus for Lounge Memberships

American Offers Mileage Bonus for Lounge Memberships

Airport lounge membership is a luxury that the average traveler would be hard pressed to justify. Sure, a little extra pre-flight quiet and comfort (and snacks) would be nice. But paying $500 to use the lounge for, say, four flights over the course of a year amounts to paying around $100 for every hour of respite. Financially, it just doesn’t compute.

Bonus offers like American’s are an attempt to make the value proposition a compelling one for more travelers.

Offer Details

Through December 31, AAdvantage members can earn 3,000 bonus miles when purchasing an annual Admirals Club airport lounge membership.

There are currently 37 Admirals Club locations. Members also have access to 33 Qantas lounges.

The price of a new annual membership ranges from $350 for a top-tier elite to $500 for a non-elite program member. Those prices include a $50 “initiation fee,” which is waived for renewals.

Membership must be purchased online to qualify for the bonus miles. Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

For infrequent flyers, lounge membership isn’t a buy, bonus or no bonus.

However, for more frequent travelers who can almost justify the annual lounge fee, 3,000 miles might just be enough to tip the balance in favor of spending more to get more.

Reader Reality Check

Are you a lounge customer? Is it worth the annual fee?

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