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American Offers Double Miles on Mexico Flights

American Offers Double Miles on Mexico Flights

The downside of American’s new Mexico promotion has nothing to do with the offer itself.

Offer Details

Between September 4 and November 13, AAdvantage members will earn double miles on all American and American Eagle non-stop flights between the U.S. and Mexico.

Registration is required, using promotion code MX70A.

Deal or No Deal

Double miles. Check.

More than two months to earn them. Could be longer, but still OK.

Mexico. Ah, there’s the rub.

Some years ago, when the country’s narco-terrorism was in its infancy and tourism took a tumble, I rated Mexico a "buy." The risks were infinitesimally small, and the savings on flights and hotels were huge.

As the bloodshed and corruption have persisted and escalated, seeping ever deeper into the fabric of everyday life, my sense of the risk-reward ratio has changed.

Today I’d travel to Mexico if I had a pressing business reason to do so, but would otherwise avoid the country no matter how attractive the prices. I just wouldn’t choose to inject even a modicum of anxiety into my leisure time.

Your level of risk aversion may be different from mine, of course. And Mexico does have plenty to offer sun-seekers and culture vultures.

If you are headed to Mexico, and find American’s prices to be competitive, double miles should seal the deal.

As we go to press, American’s is the only such bonus on offer from U.S. carriers.

Reader Reality Check

What’s your take on traveling to Mexico?

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