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American, Marriott Oppose Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

American, Marriott Oppose Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

UPDATE – Late Wednesday, Governor Brewer vetoed the bill. Alluding to the legislation’s potential to undermine the state’s economy, she said, “My agenda is to sign into law legislation that advances Arizona.” No mention of the bill’s discriminatory content.

American and Marriott are among the companies and lawmakers that have come out against Senate Bill 1062, passed by the Arizona Senate and currently being reviewed by the state’s governor, Jan Brewer.

The bill would allow Arizona businesses to refuse service to customers on religious grounds, and is widely understood to be an attempt to allow discrimination against gays.

According to a Bloomberg report, American chief Doug Parker urged Brewer to veto the bill on economic grounds, citing its potential to deter convention business and dissuade companies from relocating to Arizona. “There is genuine concern throughout the business community that this bill, if signed into law, would jeopardize all that has been accomplished so far.”

Marriott also emphasized the economic impact of the bill. “While we have still not returned to pre-2008 occupancy and revenue levels, our Arizona properties have seen a slow and steady recovery in both leisure and business stays since the end of the recession. We have serious concerns that passage of SB 1062 would undermine — or worse, counteract — that progress. This legislation has the potential to subject our state to travel boycotts.”

But Marriott went beyond bottom-line concerns, addressing the underlying ethical issue as well:

At Marriott, we have worked hard to build an environment where every guest and employee feels welcome, safe and respected when they enter one of our hotels. Regardless of whether or not SB 1062 goes into effect, our internal policies have and will continue to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, gender or sexual orientation.

(The full text of Marriott’s letter was published by Business Insider here.)

Apple, which is building a manufacturing plant in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, is also on record as opposing the bill, as is the NHL, three Republican state senators, and all 13 Senate Democrats.

Governor Brewer has until Friday to sign the bill into law or veto it.

Reader Reality Check

If SB 1062 becomes Arizona state law, would you be more or less inclined to visit that state?

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  • Schuyler Morales
  • Chris

    American Airlines Group and Southwest Airlines have joined the chorus. I certainly won’t be heading to Arizona soon if this bill passes.

  • Edgar Numrich

    There’s not a lot to like about Arizona’s politics, politicians, and alleged “law enforcement”. To those who support them, “you reap what you sow”. It’s just too bad where those business folks who don’t support it also bear the cost of others’ discrimination.

    There IS a LOT to like about businesses “coming out” against flagrant prejudice, including the “who-would-have-thought” hotel chain with the name of a Mormon-faith family at the top of the list.

  • Fred Davis

    After what an eccentric group did to a small business the business group needs protection,

    Everyone has rights, and a few makes it bad fir all, some fruits spoil the bunch.

    We have many making excess post pushing their bad behavior,

    CNN is low in the ratings for a reason, just another excuse to hide behind.

  • Elisabeth

    I would boycott AZ. I dislike discrimination of any kind for any reason. For the record I am a white, elderly, heterosexual female. I bet all who want this bill are sitting in church every Sunday pretending to be a Christian. Get rid of the hate and the world will be a better place.

  • Joseph

    It would have no affect on my travel at all. It’s a stupid law, but that is true of 99% of laws. The words homosexual, lesbian, gay, GLBT, etc are NOWHERE to be found in this bill. Even California has a law ensuring the right of businesses to refuse service to anyone.

    If you are going to boycott, did any of you boycott New Jersey after a bakery refused to bake a birthday cake for a boy named Adolf?

  • Pat Henry

    So Arizona tries to pass a law allowing people to peaceably assemble in ways we don’t agree with and people say we shouldn’t visit Arizona. I have the opposite reaction. I think we should visit Arizona for embracing freedom and avoid the people or businesses there that do discriminate.

  • John Galt

    So once more, everyone has a right to be offended EXCEPT Christians. Now that’s what I call tolerant.