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American Launches 30 Days of Frequent Flyer Deals

American Launches 30 Days of Frequent Flyer Deals

Next month will mark the 30th anniversary of American’s AAdvantage program, and hence of frequent flyer programs as we know (and pick one: love or hate) them.

No doubt we will be seeing a flood of special offers and promotions on the themes of 30 and anniversaries.

The word "celebration" will be bandied about ad nauseum.

Never mind the crass marketing. Because amid the drivel and dross, there are bound to be some worthwhile bonuses.

American Marks 30 Years with ‘Deal 30′

As the first of its kind, it’s only appropriate that AAdvantage is the first to market with an anniversary-related promotion, dubbed Deal 30.

(On a technical note, the site doesn’t display properly in Firefox—use Internet Explorer for a better viewing experience.)

What Deal 30 is is a series of 30 offers, one every weekday between April 18 and May 27. American isn’t revealing in advance what the offers will be, but, to give you an idea, the first day featured up to 30,000 bonus miles for completing five round-trip American flights between May 15 and November 15. And today’s offer is triple miles for Avis rentals, plus a sweepstakes with a Camaro as the grand prize.

According to a news release from American: "The deals are a combination of airline and AAdvantage participating company offers. While American is keeping most of the promotion details ‘hush-hush’ so members can be surprised each day, what members can expect to see are: flight deals, discounts, bonus mile offers and chances to win some terrific prizes including a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro. Members will find a new deal as well as a chance to win 30,000 AAdvantage miles every weekday …"

Handily, you can sign up to receive automatic email alerts on each day’s offer.

I signed up for them. If you care about AAdvantage miles, you should too. And if you’re not already a member of the program, you can earn a 500-mile bonus for signing up, using promotion code ADV30.

Reader Reality Check

Thirty years, can you believe it?

Any frequent flyer anecdotes you’d care to share?

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    American AAdvantage miles have enabled me to see the World.

  • Conyers Thompson

    You recommend Internet Explorer? Talk about rewarding an anti-competitive behemoth — Microsoft — that has done everything it could historically and still to this day to drive competitors out of business, stifle innovation in the market and maintain artificially high prices for consumers. Folks, try Google’s Chrome browser instead. It’s faster, has greater functionality, and as an open source browser is more egalitarian than IE. With good reason, Chrome is gaining market share at Microsoft’s expense. And Apple’s Safari isn’t as good as Chrome, but at least it’s another decent alternative.

  • Conyers Thompson

    P.S. Chrome is also free.