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American Express Platinum Card Adds 2 New Perks

American Express Platinum Card Adds 2 New Perks

American Express has been a major player in the travel-rewards card space for decades, and its Platinum charge card deserves some of the credit.

Although it comes with a steep annual fee of $450, the potential value of the card’s benefits more than offsets its cost.

The card lost some value recently, with the announcement that cardholders would no longer have access to the airport lounges of American and US Airways. In advance of the loss, American Express had preemptively expanded access to its Centurion lounges to Platinum cardholders. But there are only two Centurion lounges currently in operation, with two more set to open later in 2014.

This week, American Express announced two new Platinum perks, both of which become available in June:

  • Boingo Wireless – Platinum cardholders will receive complimentary, unlimited access to more than 700,000 land-based WiFi hotspots worldwide in airports, retail, and hotel locations through the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan.
  • Statement Credit for TSA PreCheck – Platinum cardholders can choose to receive an $85 statement credit for a TSA PreCheck application fee. That’s in place of the $100 statement credit for a Global Entry application fee, which will remain an option.

Both of the new perks have the potential to add real value for travelers who are in a position to actually use them. The same could be said of the card’s overall value proposition. On paper, the cost of all the card-linked benefits far exceeds the card’s annual fee. But it’s still only a good deal if you take advantage of those benefits.

Reader Reality Check

Can you justify paying the $450 annual fee for a Platinum card?

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  • TheAncientAviator

    I kept the plat card this year because they waived the fee. I like AMEX, but the main benefit I was enjoying was Admiral/US Air club access. The new DFW club helps, but unless my foreign travel picks up I don’t know whether I’ll renew.

  • SeahawksNYC

    Is the statement credit for TSA PreCheck really a new perk or is it a devaluation of Global Entry? Can the cardholder choose either program still?

  • farsighted

    Best to get the Global Entry, you get the TSA PreCheck with that. Amex will only give you one of these every 5 years, so choose wisely. The Boingo perk though is great.

  • koldinkanada

    The problem in Canada is that the fee is $699.00. That’s really pricey and most of the other bloggers/commentors I’ve read about are ditching their Canadian Platinum cards and going to the Gold version. They are then buy lounge passes or whatever to suit their particular needs.

  • Eyecarehawaii

    The hotspot is nice. Global Entry is a must have for international travellers and the TSA Pre-Check that (usually) comes with having Global Entry is always nice to have. I’m not impressed with the Priority Pass Select card for lounge access. UAL clubs won’t accept it, for instance. Fortunately when I fly with my wife she has a United Club Card so that helps. I have an AMEX Platinum that I can use for their Centurion Lounges; unfortunately at this time they are still rather rare. We used the one in Las Vegas earlier this week (across from Gate D1) and it compared favorably with international lounges (like Lufthansa and AIr New Zealand).